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Defense Line [FREE/PAID]

10-01-2013, 01:52 PM
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Defense Line [FREE/PAID]

Hi, all! I'm glad to introduce you my first game for android. Now I'm working to make the gameplay more interesting. If you have any advice, criticism, suggestions, please let me know.

GAME: Defense Line
Genre: Tower Defense, Strategy, Arcade.
Description: Defense Line - addictive strategy based on the best Tower Defense games. Defense Line includes 16 exciting missions, and all of them can be played in two game modes: Campaign and Survival. Defense Line combines the best aspects of the popular Warcraft 3 scenarios: Green Circle TD, Legion TD, Element TD, and other Tower Defense maps.

Game features:

A lot of towers and enemies
  • Defense Line provides for player 15 excellent towers, each of which has 3 upgrades stages and unique characteristics.
  • 60 detailed types of enemies.
Random enemy on every level
  • In the genre of Tower Defense games there are waves of enemies which attacking player. In Defense Line each wave has a certain type, and that type is determined randomly. Thus, each time playing the same mission, the game process is different. The player sees what the next 3 waves of the enemies, and builds a defense, given the characteristics of enemies. Types of waves: Norm, Armour, Moto, Crowd, Boss, Air, Aeroboss, Convoy.
System throughput hero
  • In Defense Line every enemy defeated brings to the player experience that can be spent on improving the characteristics of the towers, increasing lifes or money earned. All progress, earned by player in demo version will be moved to the full version after purchase.
Customizable Interface
  • Defense Line has a convenient and functional interface. Also the player can minimize some UI elements - information unit, which displays the towers characteristics, and the information block on the next waves. Thus, the entire screen smartphone will occupy the battlefield.
100+ Achievements
Endless Survival Mode
Support devices with screens of all sizes

Combined with beautiful graphics, amazing effects and cheerful music, Defense Line will give you many hours of good mood!


Video on youtube

Category: Arcade & Action
Technical Requirements: Android 2.2+
Version: 1.09

Free version includes 2 missions, all towers and enemies, and both Campaign Mode and Survival Mode.
Download free version from Google Play

Full version includes 16 interesting missions and extended soundtrack. New music and new missions will be with upgrades to the full version.
Download paid full version from Google Play
10-12-2013, 05:01 PM
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New version Defense Line 1.10 has been released.

In this version:
  • New wave type: AIR BOMBER. New enemies
  • All towers are open
  • You can now build and upgrade towers during a pause
  • Fixed a bug for larger screens
  • Improved flame-thrower
  • Changes in the balance
The game has become more hardcore and addictive. Be so kind to rate or review the game on Google Play and please report to developer if you found a bug in the game.
10-30-2013, 01:56 PM
Joined: Oct 2013
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New version Defense Line 1.11 has been released.

In this version:
  • New tower: NITRO
  • Training added
  • Places which the wave starts marked by pointers
  • Changes in the balance
Be so kind to rate or review the game on Google Play and please report to developer if you found a bug in the game.