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Composer/guitarist (The Other Brothers, HEAVY Sword, Gravitation and more) for hire

10-02-2013, 06:59 PM
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Composer/guitarist (The Other Brothers, HEAVY Sword, Gravitation and more) for hire

Do you want some music for incredibly affordable rates? Because I'm all over that.

I'm a freelance composer, guitarist and occasional VO artist in a wide range of styles. I've provided, and am providing, music and full OSTs for many games over the last two years:

Armies & Ants (partial)
Bridge the Gap II (full)
Bridge the Gap: Down With The Ship (full)
Cubez (full)
Energy Storm (full)
Fractal Combat (partial)
Galaxy Cat (full)
Gravitation (full)
HEAVY Sword (full)
Ice Wings (full)
Mazes & Monsters (full)
Monster Takedown (full)
Sombra (full)
Star Saver (full)
Steampunks (full)
SZC: Beyond Dead (full)
The Other Brothers (full + SFX)
The Way We Roll (full)

My work ranges from retro-modern chiprock (The Other Brothers, HEAVY Sword, Gravitation) to solo acoustic guitar (The Way We Roll), piano (Cubez, Sombra), electronica (Monster Takedown, Galaxy Cat), rock and orchestral (Armies & Ants, Steampunks) - taking in a whole bunch of disparate stuff on the way.

But Dave! (you might be thinking) why the beans should I hire you?

I'll tell you for why. I love writing music, and it being my job is a ridiculous thrill. A thrill which translates into every note I write. Unless you want a bleak, dark soundtrack, in which case I'll get moody and write you something. You get original, exciting custom work from a dedicated, talented and fast-working composer at rates which are, I'm given to understand, great. You get to oversee the emerging music and influence it. And no-one else gets to have the music in their project. Not ever.

I have some reviews and testimonials here. Nothing too flashy ONE OF THEM IS FROM GRANT KIRKHOPE THE AMAZING MAN THAT HE IS I had to say that.

I hope to hear from you soon, because writing music is rockin' awesome. LINKS BELOW! Get 'em while they're internet.



"Dave Dexter's music is beautiful and innocent and melodic and a joy to listen to." - Grant Kirkhope

"I don't think I could have asked for anyone else but Dave Dexter to do the job. Dave is not only a talented musician who understands composition but he is also a hard working one. When you think you heard it all, Dave will surprise you." - Thomas Pasieka, 3DAttack/The Other Brothers

"I would be remiss if I didnít touch on the absolutely spectacular music featured throughout this game. It is a brilliant combination of 8-bit sounds coupled with electric guitars and pop metal vibe . . . the story and artwork perfectly compliment the music. It gels into a perfect, reverberating harmony." - Chris Urie, Arcadesushi.com

"Oh, I'm a sucker for cool retro music! Yeah, the music is great." - Destin Legarie & Justin Davis, IGN.com

"Chiptune heaven!" - Eli Cymet, Gamezebo.com

" . . . music straight out of the midi era." - David Craddock, Toucharcade.com

". . .the soundtrack of the game is nothing short of epic. You know the sort of music that you hear in the Call of Duty series that always puts you in the mood for shooting stuff? The best way to describe the music in the game is a mix between CoD and Top-Gun style. This really goes to create an awesome experience while you are playing . . ." - Daniel Douvris, The App Shack

"A guitar driven song is played as you progress, which is simply exquisite and sounds like a secret track that should have been in Super Metroid. This music choice also provided a great deal of atmosphere to match the top-tier artwork, which in my opinion made even of the most frustrating of situations more enjoyable just due to its existence." - Dustin Spencer, CapsuleComputers.com

"One thing I wanted to note was the music in Beyond Dead. It too fit both the genre and the graphics so very well . . . It offers some great soundtracks that work really well for the game theme." - Matt, unboundgamer.com
10-03-2013, 07:13 PM
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Oh look! A classical guitar improvisation because it's something I don't often hear in iOS soundtracks, and you might get a kick out of it.

10-06-2013, 07:20 PM
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I just finished the OST to upcoming Gravitation remake (possibly not titled Gravitation!) https://soundcloud.com/davedextermus...ravitation-ost

Retro electronica, chiptunes and all sorts of upbeat twiddly goodness.