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iPad: Me vs. You

10-05-2013, 05:49 PM
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Me vs. You


My brother and I (our little studio is called Fortune's Vault) have teamed up with Loscil ( He is the artist who scored Hundreds and contributed some tracks to Osmos ) have made a game called Me vs. You. It's set to come out October 17.

The game features three one vs one, simultaneously played, tabletop games, and 20+ minutes of original music. We refer to the games by three different shapes: Circle, Line and Square.

A teaser

Youtube link | Pop Up

Circle has a little something in common with curling, but the play is simultaneous, so the comparison doesn't go very far.

Line is kind of like an inverted and more action packed pong, where every move influences your opponent's shot.

The square game was inspired by hand slaps and the way that sumo bouts are started.


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