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App description: Dribble through the streets of four US basketball hotbeds with Baron Davis, Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings and Candace Parker! Collect buckets on your run while jumping over and sliding under barricades. Avoid Hack and Swat...the Ds on the street that are looking to take you down. Jump over or dribble around Hack and duck or dive under Swat as he's jumping in the air looking to stomp on you!

Baron Davis and the West Coast level come unlocked with the app and Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings and Candace Parker are available through an in app purchase. The other 3 levels can be earned and unlocked.


* first basketball endless runner in the app store.

* go as far as you can while trying to collect as many buckets as you can!

* play with your favorite hoops superstar - Baron Davis, Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings and Candace Parker.

* easy to play controls - tap to jump and avoid Ds, tap and hold to jump higher to avoid obstacles tap the right side of the screen to aim and throw the ball!

* watch out for those Ds! Avoid them and all of the barricades and other surprises thrown your way as you dribble down the street.

* four 3D levels inspired by the basketball hotbeds in the United States - west coast, east coast, south beach and hoosier country!

* great hip hop soundtrack produced by Jo Blaq of the Mixx!

* incredible 3D animation unique to each player!

Tweet your score out after you play and challenge your friends and your favorite hoops superstar to beat your score and show everybody how you're getting buckets!

Check out the shop to unlock players, and use buckets to unlock levels, basketballs, super skills and power ups that help you continue your journey when you run into something that gets in your way.

Game Center leaderboards tracking the players with the most points and buckets collected.

Controls -

- tap the left hand side of the screen behind the player to jump
- press the left hand side of the screen behind the player to jump higher
- tap the left hand side of the screen when you enter an action zone "!" to slide under barricades, dribble around "Hack" the red D and/or to get under "Swat" the green D.
- tap anywhere on the right hand side of the screen and your player will pass the ball in that same direction to knock over "Hack" or "Swat", collect a bucket or make life generally a lot easier when using the Rock!

- look for the super skills icons that appear throughout each level for a chance at bonus buckets or invincibility!

***there is a known issue with the app on iPad 3 (only) due to the retina display and it is being addressed. There will be an update provided as soon as possible that will correct the issue.
10-09-2013, 12:23 PM
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This is one of the best game I've played. It was released an year ago but couldn't get much fame. I don't know why, but guys you must check out this game. It's amazing.
10-09-2013, 01:35 PM
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Looks cool, but it's not showing up on the YS App Store