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App description: You didn't miss'em, but they're back anyway! The Champions of Zulula invade iOS in this hilarious strategy RPG. The vile Akolan declares himself overlord of Zulula and bans the tournament forever! Grunty the Cyclop, Ledouche the Knight and Oulette the Slime join forces along with other ex-champions to kick Akolans behind and bring the tournament back!
* Turn-based strategy: Move your armies around the 10 different battlefields.
* Item system: A variety of items alter your characters' stats and powers.
* Combat layer: Position your forces, establish a battle plan, then watch individual warriors execute your strategy in realtime simulated combat.
* Deep, emotionally charged storyline of brotherly love, redemption and crap.
* Returning champions include the Cyclop, Human Knight, Slime, Eye, Dog, Land Octopus, Stone Golem, Human Mage and Snakeman.
* Among the minions of Akolan are the Dark Knight, Warlock, Slime, Mud Golem and Scorpak.
* Face Yvan Shar Ooze, the horrific protoplasmic horror in his labyrinthine sewers!
* Arena mode allows you to test different strategies before committing to them in story mode.

The same team that gave you Champions of Zulula Elite Edition back in 1995 reunites to bring you the further adventures of Grunty and company! All in glorious retro-styled visuals and audio!
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Only played the first mission but I like what I see. Great humour