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Fantasy Trader - Stock Exchange Simulation Game

10-11-2013, 12:02 AM
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Fantasy Trader - Stock Exchange Simulation Game

Hi there,

I have been working on a Stock Market Simulation game for quite long. It had been on App Store and received a decent response. Though was removed from store a year later.

Now I'm planning to bring it back alive after much thought after deliberation. This is where you guys can help me. Before putting more hard working hours in it, I will appreciate if someone could give me an honest suggestion about the game and its doing on the App Market.

Here is the working of the game.


Fantasy Trader is an upcoming game blending the Fantasy RPG, Trading and Tycoons genres. Players will be able to explore, take on goals, buy and sell commodities and businesses, and build a trading empire from the profits. Imagine Second-Life, Mafia Wars, with a much larger role-playing element, and you can get something of the feel!

Here are some of the planned features for Fantasy Trader:

* Classic MMORPG, including character classes, building your own empire, achievements, short term and long term goals

* Multiple exchanges where player can speculate their stocks

* Economic system based on supply and demand

What is an Stock Exchange?
Think of Stock Exchange as a place that allows people to buy and sell things. In the case of stock market, an exchange allows you to buy and sell securities. Securities, more commonly known as stocks and bonds, are traded every day, all over the world with the goal of making money. In this case, its stocks and bonds in Brad Pitt and even yourself rather than precious metals or Chinese currency.

What are Fantasy Dollars?
Fantasy Dollars are the official currency of the Fantasy Trader. When you join the Fantasy Stock Exchange, you are given Fantasy dollars to trade in the stock exchange. Your job is to use the money to the best of the best of your abilities on the Exchange and profit from it. There can be hundreds of traders on FT that have taken their initial stake and turned them into a billion Fantasy Dollars! If you play your dollars wisely, you too can become the next guru.

What factors make the stock prices go up or down?
* Market Forces: As stocks are bought and sold, the stock price will react accordingly. For example, if a number of people are buying shares in a celebrity, their stock will go up. The same holds true for people selling shares.
* Market Maker: An algorithmic bot that quotes both a buy and sell price held in inventory, hoping to match trades between users.

Weekly Events

Millionaire Day

Everyone who had a portfolio worth over a million dollars is "kneecapped". In the early hours of Monday morning, traders who are worth over a million dollars will have their portfolio emptied, and exchanged for a status symbol, depending on how much they have. See below for Kneecapping and Status Symbols. Traders who have their portfolio emptied will again have their base dollars to keep playing on.

Top Traders

For the time the person who made the most profit in percentage terms during the 7 day period will have their Name listed on our special News category.

Diary Day

A list of upcoming celebrity IPOs, dividend news,events will be put on our News category.


The dividends wil be accumulated every 2 hours. The dividend received will depend on user votes.

Kneecapping and Status Symbols

This happens when someone accumulates over 1million dollars. They will have their money and shares taken off and given a fresh base dollars. This prevents people controlling the market when they acquire large amounts of cash. As an achievement they will be given status symbol to replace their millions they had.

*$1 million : Fat Wad of Cash
*$5 million : Sexy Car
*$10 million : Luxury Yacht
$25 million : Very Big House in the Country
$50 million : Executive Jet
$100 million : Exotic Island
$500 million : Crown of a Island
*$1 billion : You Become The Legend

- Fantasy Trader's custom algorithm values celebrities and charts their rise and fall in real-time.
- Trade shares in over 200 celebrities from categories including Pop Stars, Film Stars, Sporting Heroes and Fashion Icons.
- Compete against friends and others by making money and climbing up the leaderboards.
- Unlock achievements along the way with Game Center.
- Being famous isn't all about good news... see how the latest scandal affects that person's value.

Think Justin Bieber can get more famous? Got the inside word on tomorrow's headlines in Hollywood? Get Fantasy Trader, and prove it!

Here's how it works:
1. By creating your account you join the team of traders and receive fantasy dollars

2. Buy and Own stocks of your favorite athlete, celebrity or your friends with your virtual currency

3. Build your 'Sportfolio' and become the best Fantasy Trader!
05-23-2014, 10:15 AM
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I'm involved in education in a related field, and am always happy to find apps I can use or recommend to a class. For that to happen in this case, I'd ideally need the following:

An option to pay one price for a complete version, even if restricted in features, of the simulator. It sounds like your app will be freemium, which actually makes sense in this case, but it'd be great to have an educational or limited version available stripped of all but basic social and online features, but with no consumable IAP or ads. This could and should be priced at a multiple of an optimistic estimate of average revenue. That way, you wouldn't be cannibalizing yourselves, and purchasers would hopefully self select in such a way that only the academic minded go for the limited version.

While it'd be silly to make your estimating equations public, I'd love to see a thorough design doc made available, perhaps with reference to a journal article or two that inspired your math. Battle of the Bulge did this recently, offering a fascinating, in depth design doc as a 3 dollar IAP that only folk interested in game design were likely to spring for. (The same update saw a free gameplay guide written by beta testers added to the store.). The Final Hours apps are also something to aspire to.

There should be an easy way for the tech-minded to submit feedback and suggestions. If, say, a class of MBAs were using your app, their feedback could lead to substantial improvement. IIRC, this kind of thing is part of the reason Plague Inc, Starbase Orion and others have sold so consistently.

Good luck on your app.
05-23-2014, 04:41 PM
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It sound like a great idea! Any idea on release date?