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App description: This is a strange little king, he has no fancy costumes, no magnificent palaces, no haunting servants, wearing only a lovely big pants.
He loved nature, loved flowers and trees, like the game together with the lamb, carefree life.
He hated nasty orcs in the forest, orcs always want to eat him and his lambs.
To combat with orcs, you need to control King to picked up the skills which lamb brought and kill emerging various orcs to save the little forest animals.

Game Features:
- Variety of skills props to help you defeat the orcs;
- King can be turned Super Kings, easily torn variety of orcs, as long as you got five chicken;
- In the store to unlock more props, more birds and trees help the king to fight;
- Support for gravity sensing and joystick operation, more approachable.
10-14-2013, 06:43 AM
Why the mainscreen not full ion pad?