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Brand new YouTube tips:downloading; playing in high quality over cellular connections

07-31-2009, 06:17 PM
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Brand new YouTube tips:downloading; playing in high quality over cellular connections

Want to see high-quality YouTube clips over dial-up - or download them right onto your iPhone? Here’s the solution!

A quick intro: in this tutorial, I both explain how you can set up a Cydia account and manage PayPal payments from there and also two apps that allow to

1. download any videos from YouTube so that, after downloading, you can watch them again any number of times, transfer them to any other computer etc. Excellent for either saving clips that you think will be removed or saving data usage if you plan to view the clip again.

2. make the YouTube app be able to play back YouTube clips in high quality over cellular connections, which, so far, it hasn’t been able to. (Note that the second tip also applies to a lot of other networking clients, not only that of YouTube.)

Note that I've tested the YouTube downloader on both the iPhone 3G and the 3G S (both running OS 3). 3G Unrestrictor has been tested on the 3G S only but, of course, it should also work on the 3G.

First, however, I explain how you can purchase applications from Cydia. You’ll need this info with both apps as both are commercial.

Purchase applications from Cydia

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to purchase from the Cydia store if you have PayPal. In the following, I show you how it’s done.

First, when you see a commercial Cydia app, you’ll see a “Purchase” button in the upper right corner (instead of the well-known “Install”) and a “Purchase Package” link in the center of the page:

The first time you press the Purchase link in a Cydia app page, you’re asked to authenticate yourself:

I used my Facebook account for this - not much needs to be done, just entering your e-mail address and password you used on Facebook:

Then, you’re asked to link your account to your device:

Here, just tap the Link Device to Your Account link.

After this, you can already commit the payment by selecting the preferred money transfer method on the money transfer selector screen:

I used PayPal (despite the 25 cent extra); after having entered my usual PayPal login and committing the payment (these use the standard PayPal interface), the “Purchase [Package]” link/button on the main page will change to “Install” and “Package officially purchased”:

Now, you can go on with the standard way of installing the package.

Downloading YouTube clips to your iPhone and playing back from there

YourTube (note the ‘r’) allows for downloading clips and subsequently watching them. In this regard, it’s pretty similar to several tools under Windows Mobile doing the same. It’s pretty revolutionary in that it’s the first to do this trick on the iPhone.

The Cydia page for YourTube is as follows:

When, after installing it, in any YouTube listing, you tap the newly added “Download” top right icon, a download menu is displayed:

Here, just select the quality. The download will start in the background. To see what’s being (and has been) downloaded, go to More / Downloads (the new menu element at the bottom):

(files being downloaded)

(and having already been downloaded)

To play back already downloaded files, just tap them.

Note that, as opposed to, say, the excellent radio client FStream or the great third party Web browser iCab Mobile - which both allow the user to access the saved files via a Web browser - it doesn’t have an in-built file server. That is, all you can do with your files, unless you use some other ways of accessing the files, is watching them but nothing else. Nervertheless, this isn’t really a problem - any file explorer will do (including, of course, T-Pot). Just navigate to private\var\mobile\Media\Downloads\YourTube to pick up the MP4 files.

High quality YouTube playback over cellular connections

So far, the YouTube client coming with the iPhone has been unable to play back high-quality YouTube clips over cellular (non-Wi-Fi) connections. This may have been a major pain in the back for many not happy with the default (low) quality of cellular playback.

I wasn’t able to hack the original VoIPover3G (please see a reference to my dedicated article HERE) to play back YouTube clips at their full quality over cellular connections. Fortunately, with the recently-released, albeit commercial 3G Unrestrictor, this has become possible.

(Note that, as far as using VoIP apps like Skype, Fring or Nimbuzz (and a lot other apps that refuse to work if not on Wi-Fi) over cellular connections is concerned, the new, 1.1 version of VoIPover3G does already work on the iPhone 3G S as is also explained HERE. Nevertheless, I really recommend 3G Unrestrictor over it, mostly because of it being GUI-based. It's just far easier to add / remove "hacked" apps to its database.)

A quick intro to 3G Unrestrictor (note that its icon is called “Unrestrictor”): upon starting it, it allows you to quickly select any user/preinstalled app to be hacked:

You can use the built-in search engine to look for the specific app you want to hack; here, I looked up “YouTube”:

I’ve, then, tapped it to insert it into the list of “hacked” apps. I’ve repeated the same lookup process for two other apps, netTV lite and Skype:

Note that there’s an additional setting (if you press the arrow on the right side) you may need to use with some apps (not with these three):

After hacking, YouTube played back all videos in high quality mode.

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07-31-2009, 06:35 PM
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Reserved for future updates (1)

07-31-2009, 06:35 PM
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08-03-2009, 10:36 AM
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UPDATE (03/Aug/2009):

1.) a new version of 3G Unrestrictor has been released. Updating in Cydia is done in pretty much the same way as in AppStore (see the “Changes” icon at the bottom); also, if you go to the original program, it also offers the “Modify” icon:

2.) I’ve published a separate article on other ways (MxTube and iWoopie) of downloading YouTube clips on your iPhone. Please see THIS.
08-03-2009, 11:15 AM
Awesome app!!! Been waiting for that, now i can start downloading youtube videos
08-03-2009, 01:41 PM
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Why reserve space in this thread (see post #2 and #3) just to create a new post #4 with an update?

MAX 3D Artist in Training
08-03-2009, 01:56 PM
YourTube is free for me?
08-04-2009, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by WunDaii View Post
YourTube is free for me?
Strange - it shouldn't be. At least legally. You may have a pirate resource repository in your Cydia?
08-04-2009, 03:28 AM
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Originally Posted by nickels View Post
Why reserve space in this thread (see post #2 and #3) just to create a new post #4 with an update?
You're right - will move the post to the 2nd when I post my next update.