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Default Shadowgate

Ok, I was recently thinking about the game shadowgate, the 1985 point and click adventure and I was wondering if anyone who is familiar with this game can recommend any ios games that are similar, perhaps almost identical, moving room to room, clicking on hidden buttons or item caches, solving puzzles, having multiple methods of passing through one obstacle to another. I remember having a blast playing shadowgate as a kid in the late 80s-early 90s and I'm looking to revisit the genre on the convenience of my iPad mini. Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to respond.
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I don't have suggestions for you currently but do have good news. Last year, the developers of the original Shadowgate launched a Kickstarter project which has since been funded to bring the game (updated of course) to PC, Mac, and iOS and Android. Development is progressing rather nicely.

Check it out here: [url]http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zojoi/shadowgate[/url]
And here: [url]http://www.zojoi.com/shadowgate.htm[/url]

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Freaking sweet news! I saw the thread and got giddy! I can't think of any games really exactly like it off the top of my head per se but the App Store is filled with many great Point and click style adventure games in its genre...Fester Mudd is pretty decent and somewhat along the lines a little bit. There's a The Blue Frog (?)Murder Mystery one as well I can't think of as well as Lili, Yesterday and the one Cyberpunk one Gemini Rue, while not first person, are all also great point and click must own games. Also The Painted Tower series from Big Fish Games as well as most of their other titles are pretty good, though I can't think of any that had multiple solutions. Search Avallon Alliance ltd and G5 entertainment developers as well as both also make a hoard of very good adventure games in the same ilk. Also check out Years Walk, which many loved (I liked it but never loved the game as I felt it should have probably stayed as a movie as it was intended. Also many old classics are on the store as well, like Another World, Leisure Suit Larry, Broken Mirror, Myst and many more. There are plenty of iOS games in the adventure ilk but none that had the same feel as Shadowgate that I can think of!

Edit: Funny that the Grisly Manor Thread is right below this one... Yet another point and click adventure game!

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Shadowgate was great, I really enjoyed the NES edition.

I noticed the Kickstarter gives a projected release date of November 2013. Fingers crossed.

Youtube link | Pop Up
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Thank you for the replies! I heard about the shadowgate reboot, I found out googling for games like shadowgate lol, I'm really excited for this and I'm glad the kick starter was able to collect all of its funding considering to my knowledge shadowgate wasn't some huge AAA success back in the day, my best friend and long time (hardcore) gamer like myself had never even heard of it so it's surprising. Fingers crossed with ya, it will be a day one download for me.
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