iPad: SpellTactics - Fun Addictive Challenging Game!

10-15-2013, 01:55 PM
SpellTactics - Fun Addictive Challenging Game!

Download at [url]http://simlogico.com/apps/spelltactics/[/url]
Currently available for IPad, Windows Store, and Silverlight
New platforms will be added in the next updates

Critics say: If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy word games such as Letterpress, then you’ll definitely want to join in on this mind stimulating multiplayer experience - [url]http://appadvice.com[/url]

SpellTactics is a unique word game that combines spelling, strategy and puzzle game elements all into one.

Unlike other word games where the goal is to spell the most words, SpellTactics provides additional gameplay features like strategies from "Go" or “Othello”, where players can capture opponent's tiles, and “Tetris” where players have the ability to eliminate rows and columns.

Players can play online against opponents or locally with up to 4 friends.

- Pass and play locally with up to 4 players with the option of timer
- Asynchronous online multiplayer via Game Center
- Asynchronous cross-platform online multiplayer (play with desktop opponents)
- Play online with friend(s) or challenge random opponents
- Play multiple local and online games simultaneously
- View your opponents' stat and records
- Push notification alerts you when it’s your turn
- Unique rules of blockages, wild tiles, row elimination and surprises are there to be discovered

How to play the game:
- Tiles anywhere on the board that are not owned by your opponent(s) can be used to form a word
- Word must be 3 letters or more
- Word cannot be repeated
- Gain a bonus point by capturing an opponent's tile by sandwiching it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally
- Captured tiles that you own can be reused to build words
- Eliminate an entire row or column by connecting your tiles edge to edge horizontally or vertically

They include a very detailed tutorial for players!

Give it a try! And be prepared to try NOT to get addicted to it

I heard they will release new updates very soon with A LOT of new features
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