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iPhone: PROVERB idioms puzzle app comes to iPhone + Competition

10-16-2013, 06:17 PM
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PROVERB idioms puzzle app comes to iPhone + Competition

Free download


Screen Shots

All bugs fixed. Optimized for iPhone 5.

Competition is up and running and we've had VERY FEW entries. This is because you must find every single English saying before you can enter (so for extreme fans only!)

Feel free to email (or comment below) with any questions or suggestions for improvement.

Free Download


10-26-2013, 07:35 PM
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Game Impressions

Ugh, let's try this again.

Here's what I posted on Facebook:

The TL;DR summary is at the bottom.


I was intrigued to try the game, but your unlocking system is crazy, $3 to unlock just the first section, and then $3, $5 and $4. The whole unlock would be $15 to unlock the whole thing!

I could purchase Xcom and Knights of the Old Republic for less, games that are worth over $60 to buy retail.

As well, there are lots of little errors in the game, using quotes and other special characters shows up as a weird symbol, and the explanations are not always really detailed, but these are minor issues that I could get around, but not for $15.

As for being able to unlock the second free section, even paying to unlock the first section doesn't seem to give the chance to reach even close to 600.

I want to love this game, I do. The art is quirky and awesome, and the phrases are really fun to find, but the whole package is confusing, unnecessarily complicated and WAY WAY WAY too pricey.

I'd love to hear some thoughts.
TL;DR Summary:
  • The IAP options are confusing, complicated and WAY overpriced.
  • Problems with the text, either grammar, weird symbols in place of things such as quotes and commas, too little/incomplete info.
  • Making a mistake costs you a star, permanently. Instead of making it challenging, it entirely ruins the fun of playing it at the start.
  • Let me play the game how I want from the beginning, or have a separate tutorial.

There's promise here, but the state that it's currently in makes this a game to avoid. You get virtually nothing for free, and the unlocks are way too expensive for the content that you're given. The only way to unlock the second section without paying is to collect 600 stars, your have to pay AT LEAST $12 to have the chance to unlock the second room for free, and you're SOL if you make too many mistakes.

I'm supremely disappointed with this, and the model chosen. I was so excited when I heard about it, but that excitement is gone now.