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Minigore - a furry survival shooter

08-01-2009, 02:12 AM
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Minigore - a furry survival shooter

Minigore is a back-to-basics dual-stick, survival shooter. The action can be intense as wave after wave of furries intent on giving John Gore a bad day, come running across the landscape.

The graphics have their own unique style with John possessing an oversized, box-shaped head. Even the furries are somewhat boxy in appearance. The landscape looks hand painted while the trees, rocks, and bushes look like flat paper cutouts. Altogether, it give Minigore a unique and entertaining appearance.

The sound effects and John Gore's witty one-liners are very well done and add to the polish and humor of the game. The background music is among the best I've heard for a game and sounds very Danny Elfman-esque.

John Gore's nemeses consist of furries. The have wicked looking teeth, come in various sizes, and are, well, furry. The littlest can easily become hidden among the landscape so WATCH YOUR STEP! You were warned. There are also little flaming furries and they can run faster than you so be sure to kill them quickly. The other two types of furries add their own wrinkles. A mid sized furry turns into a whole group of little furries which in turn must be killed. And, finally, John will encounter a giant furry in your quest for his survival and a high score. The giant furry takes quite a few shots to take down but once damaged sufficiently it will turn into two or three mid-sized furries...which, of course, become even more little furries. Once the action really gets going, there will be more furries than you can shake a pixelated stick at.

Once the game has loaded, you will be presented with the game's Main Menu. From there you'll have a number of options you can tweak to suit your preferences including turning off the in game music and listening to your iPod, turning off the special effects noises, or John Gore's voice. Also, you can choose to hide the d-pads or enable Expert mode.

Gameplay begins once you hit Play and place your thumbs on the screen. The action can be a little slow at first with just 1 or 2 furries streaming in, but it is a good way to get used to the the game and its controls. Once you get the hang of things, I really recommend turning on Expert mode as it will send furries at you in larger numbers much sooner.

The d-pads are awesomely responsive and are definitely among the best implemented for the iDevice that I've experienced. I had absolutely no problem having John go where I wanted him to go and shoot in the direction I wanted him to shoot. As is typical, the left pad controls movement while the right pad is for firing.

There are only two powerups available during the game: clovers and ammo boxes. Ammo boxes can either be collected to give John a double-barreled shotgun with limited ammo or shot for an area-of-effect explosion. Clovers can be collected and when you have three, John turns into a rampaging beast for a short duration. He is immune to damage and you merely have to run over furries of any size to destroy them; however, keep an eye on the clovers at the upper-left. When the last one begins to blink, John is about to leave beast mode and you don't want to be in the middle of a bunch of furries when he changes back. Use that time to give yourself some distance so you can immediately shoot any remaining enemies.

Minigore is at its heart a survival shooter, and it is rather hard core about that. There are no powerups or score goals that will grant you an extra life. John Gore can only take two "hits" and then he's dead and it's game over for you. After the first bite from a furry, John will be visibly bloodied from the encounter.

OpenFeint is used to keep track of your highest scores and allows you to easily compare your score to that of other users. This definitely gives the game a lot of competitive replayability.

-unique, polished art style and smooth graphics
-very nice background music, good sound effects, and humorous one-liners
-very well implemented d-pads for movement and shooting
-iPod library access
-separate toggles for voice, sound effects, and music
-global scoring via OpenFeint
-fun powerups with the clover/beast mode and ammo box for shotgun or explosion
-minimalist survival shooter

Cons (not things I dislike personally, but others have had these opinions):
-limited enemy types - just furries for now
-2 hits and you're dead - some will complain that the game is not very forgiving because of this
-lack of content - there's only one environment and limited power-up types

There are already plans in the works by Minigore's developers to add additional content, one more "hit" for John, earnable achievements, and co-op multiplayer. These will certainly add a lot of depth and address the concerns of many players.

Minigore is a survival shooter, and just that...and it does that very well. Great controls, very smooth graphics, some of the best music I've heard in a game and a sense of humor on top of that. It's minimalist on the powerups and hard core on hits leaving it all up to you and your skills to survive.

If you like dual stick shooters, I heartily recommend Minigore find a home on your iDevice especially at its current price of just 99 cents.

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