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Ant Killer/Smasher/Crusher [Game][FREE]

10-17-2013, 06:40 AM
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Ant Killer/Smasher/Crusher [Game][FREE]

Kill Ants. Donít let them escape. Avoid the wasp.

There are plenty of those, feel free to add some of your favorite games in the same style.

I want to share is some tips and tricks about playing games like that.
You can also read it as some wise advices abot life : P
    1. 1. Put your smartphone or tablet on a firm surface - do not use energy of your brain to hold it.
    2. 2. Do not let anyone to steal your smartphone or tablet while you are playing
    3. 3. Put your elbows on a firm surface. Do not keep them in the air. It is amazing how much more procise you can get if you follow this simple rule.
    4. 4. Your index finger is probably more precise than your thumb. Probably you will be more successfull if you put your index fingers to work.
    5. 5. If you are righthanded - probably your right hand is more precise than your left hand. While playing with 2 fingers - in crucial situation use your right finger. Unless you are lefthanded - then you are f**cked.
    6. 6. It is sometimes wise to sacrifise one ant. I am sorry but that is true. If you have an ant and a wasp at the bottom of the screen - the wasp is probably above the ant. You have very little chances to kill an ant without harming the wasp. So if you have to choose between loosing one life and loosing two lives - live them alone and loose only one life.
    7. 7. If you have to choose between killing an ant that is already roaming (is changing directions once a while) - and an ant that is going directly to the bottom of the screen - kill that second one. You have some chance that roaming ant will change direction and you will have a chance to get it later.
    8. 8. Focus on one ant. Donít let be tricked with swarming effect. At the same moment you are aiming exactly one ant and you will be hunting other later.
    9. 9. Precision is more important than speed. If you are trying to get more ants at the same time - you will probably fail. Just keep calm and be precise.
    10. 10. Aim for the head. Really. If you are aiming for the head - there is less chance that at the moment of taping - the ant will not be there anymore.
    11. 11. Try to kill ants as soon as possible. If you are able to keep the top of the screen clean - you are the winner - because you always have some backup. Try to avoid fights on the bottom of the screen.
    12. 12. Donít try to get rid of wasps. Killing them gives you nothing because every wasp that you will kill will be replaced. But keep track on them - if thay are on the bottom of the screen - you are quite safe at the top.
    13. 13. If you see a big ant - focus on it. In some cases you will have to fight her on the whole way from the top to the bottom of the screen. Donít try to kill all the ants on the screen - just enough to save one life for the last fight.
    14. 14. Enjoy the little things

So, my favorite one is this one - because it's mine.

But I will add the rest of them - at least those that are funny.
10-17-2013, 06:58 AM
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Ant Smasher

Ant Smasher is insanely popular - mostly because this video.

This game is also insanely profitable because as we all know all frogs are shopaholics and they are buying shoes as crazy

Link to this game is here
10-17-2013, 07:02 AM
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Zombie Smasher

also free, rules are the same

I like this one because there is this pussy guy who screams "NOOOOOOOO" when you kill him - and he looks totally like my ex

Link here.

I will not spam anymore untill I will have someone reply :P