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iPhone: Poppet Dash - [iPhone]

10-18-2013, 11:15 PM
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Poppet Dash - [iPhone]

I've just built a game, and am still working on creating new improvement and so would like to solicit feedback from you TouchArcadians.

I just put it up on AppStore, and it's free

Here's the description

You awake, finding yourself trapped in the body of a stuffed POPPET and deep in a dungeon. Fight your way out of 30 levels of increasingly difficult mazes as you escape the grasp of the evil POPPETMASTER!

Escape fast and collect material to score points and get shiny gems. Buy weapons, armor and footwear to gain special abilities and move faster.

Each dungeon level was crafted manually by the POPPETMASTER himself! Blame him for the various traps that you have avoid, from the deathly spikes which impede the amount of time you have to escape, to the web traps which you have to shake your way out off.

However, as his dungeon is way out of city limits, he has seemingly committed building code violations! Break through those cardboard-like walls and bounce off what seems like jello as you try to get out as fast as possible!


- tilt controls allow you fine movement as you navigate the handcrafted maze levels

- Spike and Web Traps impede your progress and you should avoid them

- Invulnerability and Bonus Time power-ups add an extra dimension to gameplay

- Cloth, Metal and Wood are scattered around the maze. Collect them to increase your points

- The faster you complete the maze the higher your score. Your points are multiplied between 3 to 6 times depending on how fast you complete the maze.

- Buttons track how well you do each maze. Passing a maze gives you one button, getting above 1500 points grants you another one, and a score of 3000 grants you the third button.

- Score 3000 points and above and get a shiny gem.

- Get a high score and share it on facebook/twitter and get a shiny gem.

- Use shiny gems to purchase weapons, armor and footwear that will make you stronger, hardier and faster

- Use shiny gems to purchase boosts within a maze which will make the maze easier to pass

- Complete all 30 levels in the dungeon!


- You emerge from the dungeon and have to battle your way through the FORESTS OF INDETERMINATE TERROR

- POPPETMASTER is now enraged and has sent his minions after you. Defeat them and find out the secret of your entrapment!

- Alternate control schemes

- New equipment and attachments to further customize your POPPET!

10-18-2013, 11:17 PM
Joined: Jun 2013
Posts: 10

Youtube link | Pop Up