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App description: The tourist did not listen to the tour guide and now he is in deep trouble. More precisely in an old temple. Try to survive the traps, make your way out of the temple and snatch some riches, while youre on it. Make your way to the lowest level of the temple for the ultimate price: The Golden Skull.

Temple Tour is a small arcade adventure game. You are controlling the Tourist and have to get him out of an ancient temple full of traps, skeletons and monsters. But there is not only danger! Make some neat souvenir photos from strange plants and ancient artefacts. Find gold, treasure and get the items to survive.

Watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piar5Xry7uQ

Chris_Entropy's comments:
I would like to present you my new game Temple Tour, a small casual game for iPhone and iPad. You play the dim-witted tourist, who fell into an ancient temple after ignoring his tour guide's warnings. The tourist not only has to get out of the death trap filled temple, but he is also searching for the ultimate souvenir: the Golden Skull. Find your way to the lowest chamber of the old ruin to get your price. And then get out again alive. The most important thing: take lots of holiday souvenir photos! Photograph the locals (i.e. the undead temple guardians and snake monsters), as well as local plant life and priceless artefacts. Rob the place of all its gold and use it to buy gear and upgrades, which can safe your life.
"Temple Tour" features a cute comic art style, easy and fun gameplay and procedurally generated levels for endless fun.

The game uses the iOS Game Center for highscores and has several achievements, so you can compare your points and progress with your friends. And the best part: you can download it for free!

The link to the game on the App Store:

You can find a trailer to the game here:

There are also two reviews about the game:

About my background: I am a game developer from Germany. A year ago I began my career as a full time indie game developer. Temple Tour is my second game; the first game I released was the challenging Puzzle Game Color Souls, also for iPad and iPhone. At the moment I am working completely on my own, but I intend to form a team for larger projects. I worked as an employee in the games industry for 2 years, having worked on titles like Tiger & Chicken, also recently released on iOS.