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COMPOSER works for FREE on non-commercial games (music technology graduate)

10-24-2013, 12:44 PM
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COMPOSER works for FREE on non-commercial games (music technology graduate)

Iím a music technology graduate (Mackenzie college 2006),

I love writing rpg world themes more and adventure game style enigmatic stuff more than anything but I can write a range of styles.
I mainly make enigmatic, free form style soundtrack music.
my influences are Nobuo Uematsu, Robin Miller (Myst series), Oliver Messiaen, and other artist in the same vein.

Iím a moderator/instructor for cloudkillers which has given me a lot of knowledge and experience.

I can compose free form, through composed, patternistic, and I can use all sorts of scales that have very unique moods compared to the standard 7 note scale.

Iíve been composing for 15-20 years.

You can find my EPK (electronic press kit) here:

and my newer unreleased songs are on my soundcloud:

Iím eager to start working on some indie games. I will work on non-commercial games for free and for royalties on commercial games.

You can contact me via soundcloud or email me directly if you please: tempestmichael@hotmail.com

thank you

One of my songs was #1 for the month on the fiercebark charts