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iPad: Tiny Diggers 2

10-25-2013, 09:42 AM
Tiny Diggers 2

If Bob the Builder and the Fraggle Rock Dozers had a baby, it would be Tiny Diggers.

Hi guys,

We're half way through development for Tiny Diggers 2, a family-friendly, open-world sandbox construction game. Initial platform release will include the iPad.

We're seeking funding on Kickstarter to get it finished: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...tiny-diggers-2

Please help us out or spread the word so we can get it finished.

Early prototype video:

Youtube link | Pop Up

Tiny Diggers 2 brings exciting, creative-learning play with trucks and tools in an open-world, construction theme for kids. Players can operate popular trucks and tools and perform jobs such as: digging, demolishing and building everywhere in a brightly coloured cartoon world.

Kickstarter campaign video: http://kck.st/HbXDVN

At launch, players will be able to carry out a mixed bag of construction jobs throughout the map using your truck or tool at hand.

Key Features
  • Digging or dumping dirt, manipulating the terrain in real-time
  • Moving and transporting pipes
  • Building or demolishing a house, blasting boulders
  • Hammering, Sawing, Jackhammering, Shovelling, Painting road lines
  • Construction helmet rewards for upgrading, customizing and unlocking new trucks and tools
  • Side quests

Tiny Diggers 2 will come in two age-specific modes:

Toddler Mode
  • A simplified control scheme for kids (age 2-4) who arenít quite able to grasp 3D games
  • Trucks and characters are on-rails in a side-scrolling perspective while still containing all the exciting features of the advanced mode.

Big-Kid Mode
Drive and walk in a third-person perspective
Aimed for kids age 5+ and parents who are more comfortable with 3D games.

Tiny Diggers 2 is running for 30-days on Kickstarter, ending November 22nd.