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(New) ScatterRadio Beta Test Invite

10-29-2013, 01:47 PM
(New) ScatterRadio Beta Test Invite

Hello and thank you for taking your time to learn more about us!

ScatterRadio is a free user-generated online radio service that allows anyone to globally broadcast their voice messages and music. Users can share information by recording topics or commenting on other posts or "soundbytes". ScatterRadio also allows you to create your own station and host a live show allowing listeners to discover new musicians and discuss world topics with friends.

Want to get involved with us?
We'd like to invite you to be on of the first users to test our new ScatterRadio mobile application for the iPhone. If you use an iPhone, please apply! E-mail Support@scatterradio.com with the phrase, "Sign me up!" to confirm your interest in ScatterRadio Mobile.

Please include your iPhone UDID number, which can be found by following the steps enlisted here: http://whatsmyudid.com/ (Apple does not permit us to include you in a pre-release program without this number).

We look forward to working with you!


-The ScatterRadio Support Team
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