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iPhone: Archangel: Fate of the Galactic Commonwealth (99c)

08-03-2009, 01:47 AM
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Archangel: Fate of the Galactic Commonwealth (99c)


Prepare yourself for the first space combat/tactical simulator for the iPhone and iPod touch!

Captain on the bridge! In a desperate bid for survival of the human race, the Galactic Commonwealth has appointed you to command their latest prototype battlecruiser, the UGS Archangel.

After devastating nearly all of the Commonwealth's fleet, the Makuzi Ascendancy has unleashed one last armada to destroy the remaining Terran homeworlds.

With the UGS Archangel, warp to various sectors of the quadrant to fight off Makuzi warships with phasers and torpedoes. Send damage control crews to various parts of your ship. Divert power to balance the terms of engagement. Coordinate with navigation, tactical, engineering, and communications, as you carry out your orders. It's a battle to the finish, and you're in total control from the captain's chair!

Archangel: Fate of the Galactic Commonwealth features intense arcade action, stereo sound effects, dozens of quality voiceover phrases, and an epic orchestral soundtrack. If you're a fan of sci-fi TV shows and movies, you'll love the feel of this game!

NOTE: Enhance your gameplay on the iPhone 3GS! If you're experiencing slowness or if the application quits unexpectedly, try rebooting your device first or disabling voiceovers.

Watch the official game trailer on YouTube here! http://tinyurl.com/archvideo
I've been messing with the game for a few minutes..love what i'm seeing. It's very Star Trek ish.
The sound effects are excellent, you get tons of voice over and during gameplay there is a plethora of voices informing you -just like being the captain of the ship!
You touch where you want to move, and the ship follows a smart path to that spot.

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08-03-2009, 02:01 AM
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I like the look and feel of this, but the control scheme is a little difficult. I kind of wish they included a mini-radar because right now, I have to rely on the sensor button. While that gives me a wide view of everything, the problem is that I can't plot moves in the sensor screen if that makes sense.

08-03-2009, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Hodapp View Post
Stop posting this constantly unless you feel like taking a vacation from the forums until 9/02/09.


That's like the fifth or sixth time he's posted that.

08-03-2009, 02:09 AM
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Albie, would you mind commenting a bit more on the control? Is it a complete action game or is there some bits of strategy? Tilt or virtual joystick?

What about the crew gestion? Is that well done and useful?
08-03-2009, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Big Albie View Post
I like the look and feel of this, but the control scheme is a little difficult. I kind of wish they included a mini-radar because right now, I have to rely on the sensor button. While that gives me a wide view of everything, the problem is that I can't plot moves in the sensor screen if that makes sense.
i too would prefer a mini-radar, but having that sensor screen is cool and since you can toggle it on/off really quickly it works okay for me.

I like having the 4 big buttons for different commands, and the control scheme for moving around is nice (goes along with the sim feel). But basic fighting is kinda tricky, your ammo regenerates but is still limited, enemy ships are no easy target to hit, and they take a heap of damage before going down.

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08-03-2009, 02:36 AM
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The game has a slight learning curve, the voices yelling out info made it twice as frantic for me lol, so once you get your bearings and learn the buttons the fun begins.

Your missions are warping around the map and protecting outposts by destroying enemy warships. You can warp-out during a fight, but so can the enemies

One gripe is that some of the text is very small, but readable..

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08-03-2009, 02:51 AM
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I like this game so far. This reminds me a bit of WinTrek. There are a number of improvements I can suggest though:
1)I found a way to pause the game but not to go back to the menu without initiating self-destruct or turning the game off. I think it should be an option.
2)Perhaps I am a purist but phasers should look like a laser line. Currently "phaser" fire looks like a torpedo.
3)Indicators of the location of enemy ships would be helpful (red dots/triangles on the border of the screen indicating the location/direction of enemy ships)
4)It would be great if the warp grid was numbered so that it was easy to locate the target sector.

Overall the game is enjoyable. There are some stability issues (game crashed on me twice even after the suggested restart. I use 2nd gen Ipod touch), but for now I am happy to persist with it. Will post more of my impressions after I played it for a while.
08-03-2009, 06:31 AM
So now that this is out... It seems that is is essentially a clone of the old BASIC Star Trek / Super Star Trek / WinTrek / EGATrek / [Insert your known version here] with arcade action instead of the strategic grid for your local sector. That does not mean it's a bad thing, but it is definitely not for everyone. I think they did a great job with the graphics and the voiceovers (note that they sound very good, and not like some bored kid reading lines from a script).

As for the comments/suggestions mentioned so far... Some gameplay modifications are needed:
1) Mini "short range sensor" map HUD or at least pointers on the edges of the screen for known (uncloaked) vessels would be great. Actually I would consider these a must-have to keep playing the game.
2) Numbered warp grid would be great too, so you don't need to touch around to find the correct one. All the old trek variants I mentioned had this.
3) Pause!

Nice to have changes:
1) Phasers drawn out as lines.
2) Auto targeting computer: as long as that system is not damaged, you could simply touch Phasers or Torpedos to fire and HIT the enemy. Once damaged you'd have to manually target as you do now until repaired.
3) Overlay graphs showing damage done to each enemy, so we know whether to stick it out or run away.

The difficulty level is quite high. Enemies can take a lot of punishment, and it can be hard to find, avoid, and target them as needed. Perhaps I'm too old-school. I prefer my *Trek to be a bit more strategic and less arcade-ish. Overall it's a very decent first effort, would love to see it evolve and grow

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08-03-2009, 07:49 AM
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Nice 1st version of the game...

Couple of suggestions:
1. If i am holding the phasers/torp button, can the other buttons be disabled ... i can hold on the phasers to fire but then if i tap where the sensors button is then it goes to that (at least it seems to)
2. Is it me or can the enemies fire while cloaked? Coupled with their very high accuracy makes them pretty touch to nail sometimes
3. Introduce a power allocation screen ... as i recall, in the old fasioned wintrek games you could divert power from one area of the ship to another, propulsion to weapons for example ... so the ship slows but you get a quicker rate of fire or more damage or quicker recharge

Other general comments from others i can echo too
08-03-2009, 07:53 AM
Hey, everyone. Thanks for the constructive criticism and feedback, I'm taking everything well into consideration.

I was at a wedding yesterday, but I kept sneaking out my iPhone to see if Apple made the link go live - I'm quite shocked it took well over 10 hours since the approval email, but another developer told me his TTL was 22 hours! What's going on, Apple?! No matter, it's up now!

I'm definitely working on replacing the sensors with an overhead, similar to what I was designing on the Windows Mobile devices (watch the old footage here), among some other tweaks. I'm also looking into resolve any stability issues in the game (a priority for me) - did it crash at any particular point, i.e. during the loading of a sector, or just in the middle of gameplay? Who else has what device?

They're actually called 'pulse phasers' and 'quantum torpedoes' hence the look of the phasers not being straight lines, kinda what you saw in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. But, I could look into it and the auto-targeting idea.

Which text is too small? The notification area, or the engineering section?

1.0 is definitely not the end, and like I said before, I'd love to make different versions in other native languages - I have a few friends who has a bunch of Russian friends and want to revoice the whole thing in Russian. Any takers here for other languages?

Oh, and like I promised...
Grab one in this first batch now!

Thanks again, everyone!