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Naught -69p to free

11-01-2013, 11:14 AM
Joined: Sep 2013
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Naught -69p to free

Looks like a good one.

11-01-2013, 11:57 PM
Joined: May 2013
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Bought it for 3 dolars some months ago. Looks like a flash game, but is better than Gravity Duck. The screen spinning can make some players feel dizzy I think.

For free definitely worths a try.
11-02-2013, 12:29 AM
Yes, i think like you, looks really nice.
11-02-2013, 06:59 AM
Sequel just came out this week. It's a nice improvement/evolution over the first. So if you like this one, you'll probably enjoy Naught 2