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PS3 controller not working

11-02-2013, 08:15 AM
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PS3 controller not working

So I just bought a Macbook Pro and a PS3 controller (third party) for Steam and I was trying to connect the PS3 controller, but it doesn't work.

The controller is detected by the Mac, and it's connected via Bluetooth, but no password appears (I heard that a password should appear after connecting the controller) and the 4 red leds are still blinking. If I open Onlive, it says that the controller I'm using might not work for that application, so it does detect it; in Steam it detects the controller (the option to change the controller's buttons appears and such); and in the Bluetooth menu it appears as a Playstation 3 controller. But it just doesn't work, nor in the Steam menu for the controller nor in general. I heard something about some apps from the Mac AppStore, but IDK.

What should I do?

EDIT: problem solved. Daaamn, it wasn't even a PS3 controller in the first place, even if it said "Sixaxis PS3 controller". I just tried the real thing and no problems. Mods can close this thread.

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