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$25 US iTunes Gift Card Contest From MyGiftCardSupply

11-08-2013, 03:45 PM
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$25 US iTunes Gift Card Contest From MyGiftCardSupply

I have been browsing and enjoying this forum for quite a while, and finally I registered an account and thought I would kick off the new account with a promotional giveaway

How To Enter to Win the $25 US iTunes Gift Card

In a reply to this thread, write a few sentences (or more) on what you love most about the iTunes store, your favorite experience from a purchase, or what you would spend the $25 US iTunes gift credit on if you win.

This contest will run for one week, after which we will choose our favorite entry (extra points for humor and creativity) and provide a coupon code to redeem a free $25 US iTunes gift card[/URL] from MyGiftCardSupply.

Easy as that. Additionally, as a participation bonus, all entires will be credited with a 50% discount coupon to purchase a $10 US iTunes gift card

Looking forward to your replies; thanks for your participation!

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11-08-2013, 04:14 PM
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Let me be the first to reply.

I'm a big fan of iTunes. I love music and had a huge collection of Audio CD's. iTunes helped me rip all my CD's collection with no trouble. iTunes import the CD at typically around 10-12 times faster than any other third party software I ever used. This was the beginning of my love towards iTunes.

Another great feature of iTunes I love is that it easily allows to correct or add missing information of a track or song i.e. metadata. iTunes download all the song/track info including album art and organize it very beautifully. It's very easy for me to browse through my music collection. The great experience is complemented by the good features that iTunes offers to sort the music (title, albums etc).

Than Apple released iTunes Match. I was a bit skeptical at first, to give all my tracks information and everything but once I started using it. Mind blowing experience. What I did was once all the information list was matched by Apple servers, I deleted my collection and download high-quality, DRM-free, 256k AAC version. Cool? It kept all my music data like rating, date last played everything with better quality than what I had earlier (128k AAC).

Now with iOS 7 and iTunes Radio, I am more and more in love with iTunes. I tried it few days back, was in a mood to listen to Backstreet boys and I thought it will play tracks in same sequence but it actually played great songs that go together with the mood. Though we already have such services like Pandora but I think iTunes Radio is an amazing step forward for the music lovers to keep listening to music wherever you are.

what you would spend the $25 US iTunes gift credit on if you win.

I think its pretty obvious now that if I win, I will spend it on buying new music tracks. Thanks for the contest.

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11-08-2013, 04:36 PM
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What I like best about iTunes is all the different things you can buy in the iTunes store. I created this list for another website.

Items available in iTunes:
IOS Apps
TV show episodes
Digital Magazine Subscriptions
Hulu Plus
Digital Newspaper Subscriptions
Dropbox 100GB yearly subscription
Netflix Subscription (Using Apple TV)
imatch subscription
Pandora One

Too many choices for me to decide on one thing to spend my iTunes gift card on.
11-08-2013, 06:28 PM
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From iTunes, I could got lots of my favorite games and apps.also newly music.
I am totally a big fan of apple.
11-08-2013, 08:18 PM
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The iphone has drastically improved my quality of life.
I know that sounds kinda superficial.
But with the advancing technology that can fit in our pocket, our lives are getting easier everyday.

Before I had an iPhone I used to get lost all the time. I'm terrible with directions, but now with the click of a button, the phone tells me exactly where to go, and better yet, it gets updated frequently, so I don't find myself driving through a dirt path and getting lost in the bush like that one time I borrowed my friends Chinese brand GPS. (A farmer towed us out in the morning!)
On top of that, it tells me when I'm speeding, so I'm sure I've saved a lot of money in speeding tickets from my iphones friendly nagging, as well as optimally saving my life, and others!

If I need to quickly jot down a phone number and don't have a pen?
No longer will I desperately try to carve it into my arm with blood, now I can just scribble the words in my notebook app! My iPhone has potentially saved me from being an amputee!

When I'm bored on the train, no longer do I have to awkwardly glance at the gothic kid sitting beside me, fearing that he might put a hex on me. nope, not anymore.
Now I can happily play motion based games and look like a lunatic swaying my arms about, trying to get the marble in the hole! The tables have turned, I'm the weirdo now!

When I'm sitting in the passenger seat in the car and hear THE BEST SONG IN MY LIFE. I no longer have to weep knowing ill probably never hear it again. I just hold up my soundhound app and viola! I can immediately download the song and listen to it on repeat for the next 4 days until I hate it from overexposure.

The AppStore has revolutionised my life, and has saved me from a lot of sticky situations.
I think sometimes we take our iPhones for granted, but we shouldn't. They really are a tool that can potentially save lives. Texting and phone calls have become secondary to all the great apps and games.

Best purchase from the AppStore- I'd have to say all of the puzzle games I've ever downloaded. They help me with my concentration immensely, with therefore helps me in my field of study. Keeps the brain sharp and alive, but it is disguised as fun.

What would I spend a $25 card on? I'd gratefully spend it on 25 different 99c apps from my wish list.

Waiting on: Tengami, Heroki, Gelato mania 2, Feed me oil 2, Cut the rope 2

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11-08-2013, 09:45 PM
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I mostly spend my time in the iTunes store browsing for different kind of games and apps to try(its fun). I also enjoy Listening to iTunes radio Cause its so awesome!

I've been enjoying Games i bought because its pocket edition, Its crazy because how could one believe that a GTA game will be port to small devices!?
Even other hardcore games that requires High specs.

If i win i will spend my prize on the games,apps and songs that had caught my attention and enjoy it for the rest of my life!
11-08-2013, 11:00 PM
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What I love most about the AppStore is the plethora of free games.
People who can't afford to buy iTunes cards all the time can still have just as much fun, and constantly play new games without paying a cent.
I know one might question how someone could afford an expensive device, and not credit, but often iTunes credit exceeds the cost of the device over the years!
I haven't made a purchase in months, due to simply not having the spare cash to spend, yet I'm still thoroughly enjoying the iOS gaming world. That's what I love about the AppStore.
11-09-2013, 12:19 AM
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what you love most about the iTunes store
well, i love many app, there is much app that you cant found on another platform, iTunes Store has beautiful User Interface and great Environment for iOS Devices.

what you would spend the $25 US iTunes gift credit on if you win.
i will buy the great paid app from touch arcade top review list, hehe

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11-11-2013, 10:00 AM
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Great replies so far! The contest ends this week so please get your submissions in!
11-11-2013, 01:27 PM
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My ode to the iTunes store;

Oh iTunes store, with apps galore I'll be kept busy evermore.
I can watch the Walking Dead, or read about a Wimpy Kid.
(while dead and kid don't technically rhyme, its close enough)
Play all night on Fist of Awesome, listen to a song called Possum.
Bust a groove with Djay 2 or read a comic book called Groo.
(Love me some Groo the Wanderer, any fans of humorous comics should give it a shot.)
Go stargazing, send a tweet, keep track of all the things I eat.
Try not to purchase IAP and fail at that goal miserably.
(sorry all you fans of premium games, I realize I'm part of the problem)
So yes, I love the itunes store and just can't wait to download more.