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iPhone: RX = Dr Mario clone $2.99

08-03-2009, 09:34 PM
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RX = Dr Mario clone $2.99

I have not seen this posted yet so I am posting it.

Rx (pronounced 'Rex') for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a falling shapes organizing game similar to the classic games of Tetris, Columns, Dr. Mario and many others.

Your objective is to destroy all the viruses by rotating and positioning the falling multi-colored pills to form rows or columns of four or more elements of the same color. You receive a higher score when you eliminate multiple groups with the same drop, or in a combo which results from a single drop.

However, Rx includes a unique twist from classic games instead of always having three colors of viruses to eliminate using a matching set of falling pills, Rx lets you choose up to six colors! While that difference may seem small (before you've tried it) we have found that four colors are twice as hard as three, and five is twice as hard as four. And you donít even want to know about six!

So unless you are an action puzzle genius, which we acknowledge some of you probably are, you will also appreciate the addition of optional 'Magic Pills'. These special black and white pills increase the playability and the complexity of the game at the same time. White pills are ëwildí and will match the color or any pill that they are touching, and Black pills will remove all pills and pill fragments of which ever color they land on.

With all those options you can configure Rx to be just like the classic quick reflex games you have loved in the past, or you can add colors, special pills and lower the game speed to turn Rx into more of a planning/analyzing game rather than a quick reflex game. However, even a slower paced game continues to have an ever increasing element of time pressure that makes playing it both addicting and rewarding.

Drop Speed: Start from very slow to ëYouíve got to be kidding meí fast.
Starting Level: Choose from 20 levels of difficulty, or just start at zero and work your way through them all.
Number of Colors: Three colors isnít a challenge any more? We promise you that six will be.
Magic Pills: Change the nature of the game strategy with these powerful options.
Pause/Resume: Need a break from a marathon gaming session? Youíre covered.
Sound Effects: Are crowds cheering for your amazing game play not appropriate at the moment? You can turn them off mid game.

Tap or Tap and hold the buttons to move, rotate, and drop pills while using a stroke gesture for fast drops. Whether youíre a casual one handed, or an intense button smashing blood on the screen two handed player, the controls make it easy.

Whatís the point of playing if you canít see yourself improving? Thatís why we keep your top three high scores for any set of colors.
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08-03-2009, 09:37 PM
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