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App description: VISIT www.mrjabbs.com TO SEE THE GAME IN ACTION!

Tired of the same old runners?
Who isnt?!
Running and jumping endlessly just to earn some gold coins.
Why waste your time with that, when you can waste your time... epically!

Introducing Mr Jabbs: Epic Waste Of Time
An endless runner with a unique twist- You Can Warp!

Thats right Jabbaroos! You can WARP!
One minute you're running and jumping, and the next you're:
- Shooting Space Hamsters with peanut butter sandwiches!
- Petting unicorns and blowing up potatoes!
- Battling spaniels with holographic dragons and laser swords!
- Passing gas in a hat!
- And so much more! WOW!

Where you go, nobody knows?! Warp for fun. Warp for strategy. Warp because the word warp sounds funny. Its your choice and its all random!

> iOS 7 Support!
> Fast paced, twitch-inducing, gameplay that will challenge your reflexes!
> Addictive levels, designed to make you come back for more, even after youve thrown your device against the wall!
> Hilarious characters and worlds, rich with color and humor.
> Take a break from gameplay in a fully interactive menu environment. Pet Beldor, read a magazine about dapper squirrels, play with a fish in a sink, roast Marshmallows, and so much more! All designed to waste your time epically!
> Personalize your game experience with customizable controls and settings.
> Secret games and unlock-able content await your exploration.
> Fun! Fun! Fun! A great way to pass the time in quick sized bites. Play it on the train, the bus, the line at the movie theater, on the toilet, or even at your grandparents 90th birthday party. Happy Birthday to them by the way ;)
> Unlock the Bonus World section (via a one time, In-App purchase), which adds 2 New Game Modes, the ability to play bonus levels whenever you want, and a Laundry Timer! Yes, you heard right!... A Laundry Timer. WOW!
Okay, maybe not a wow, but hows about a YAY!?

**** PLEASE NOTE ****
If you already purchased Mr Jabbs: Epic Waste Of Time (the non Lite version) there is no need to download this version. iPhone 4 and above, iPod Touch 5th generation and above, iPad 2 and above, is recommended for optimal performance.

mrjabbs's comments:
Hey all, I'm the developer of "MR. JABBS: Epic Waste Of Time (lite)"
The game is FREE and features NO ADS.

Trying to describe this game is impossible- that's why there's a trailer! Hooray!
(that was forced excitement)


Aside from the gameplay you can also explore the many (and completely useless) secrets found all over the main menu screens. For example, tap on Mr. Jabbs' magazine and you'll be able to read an entire magazine about dapper squirrels. Go into Settings and turn the language to Gibberish. WOW! (forced enthusiasm).

Thanks a lot and I hope you give it a try!
11-10-2013, 12:35 PM
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This video about the game will blow your minds forever (lies)

11-10-2013, 12:39 PM
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Lol! This game looks cray cray. Downloading now. So that means you will have 7 people playing the game now.