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Touch Arcade app price adjustment

11-07-2013, 04:38 AM
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Touch Arcade app price adjustment

Hi everyone, I'm not sure where this should go on the forums, so I don't mind if it gets moved.

Anyways, I live in Japan but I use the TA app very regularly to get all my info about new releases and such.

One thing I've noticed recently, especially about the AppStore itself, is there's been a price increase in Japanese Yen for all products, I'm guessing to reflect the current exchange rates between that and the US dollar.
With that being said, the Touch Arcade app is displaying the old prices of apps and when the purchase button is pressed and then transfers to the AppStore, the store itself reflects the new price.
For example, a one dollar game used to be 85, but has now been rounded up to 100 on the store. Typically everything has been rounded up to the nearest hundred or so.

Is there any way the Touch Arcade app could be tweaked to match the numbers back up?

If not, it's no trouble really. I just wanted to save confusion for others.