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New game from Supercell? 'Boom Beach'

11-12-2013, 03:39 AM
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New game from Supercell? 'Boom Beach'

Does anyone have any info about this game? Apparently it was realeased in the Canadian App store. There are a few screens and videos on the internet showing the game.
11-14-2013, 10:01 AM
Joined: Nov 2013
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Boom Beach...

Boom beach is a little like clash of clans but not as much as people think. no its not a clash of clans copy and no its not boring in my opinion. Ive told friends to play it and they love it. but anyway, boom beach is set on a island, and its the same layout every Supercell game has, basically your the leader and you have to build your town or base. in this game you raid enemy bases as well as other players to gain loot. but there's a bit of a change as well, you don't get the loot if the head quarters is not destroyed. also you keep your troops if they don't die. in this game you have a map where you choose to raid... you don't find a match. also you earn medals every time you attack someone successfully, which will get you up on the leader boards. you also lose medals when there's a base available to attack... so its like a lose and earn thing. you can be at 50 in the leader boards and then be at 500 the next morning, yep that kinda sucks. but you can earn them back. lets talk about resources. in boom you have wood, coins as a start. then you unlock stone and 1 more other thing i forgot what it was you upgrade things with wood and upgrade troops and expand your map with coins. im not sure what you do with the other 2 because im not there yet. i think its 3 but im not sure. so basically i think you get my point... sorry for my bad English if i misspelled something. but i hope i answered atleast 80% of your question. Have a nice day (also if you are looking to get it if you havent already, just create a canadian account...)

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