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App description: The battling robots card game comes to iOS! It's easy to learn, quick to play and impossible to put down! With dozens of adorable (but also deadly) robots!

Build your Stak and attack your opponent using the army of bots at your disposal. Every bot is unique and the game will be very different depending on which bots you have and how you use them. The last player with cards left in their Stak is the winner!

Stak Bots is a two-player game which lets you challenge your Facebook friends. You can also jump straight into a game against the next available opponent or play offline with pass-and-play and practice modes.

The app features all 16 bots from the original card game, and the "Bot of the Day" feature offers a sneak peek at several of the upcoming expansion bots too!

You have arrived to help your Bots during a time of great crisis, for they are in the midst of what will later come to be known as The Great Bickering. Bots who once stood alone have found others with similar ideals and formed together to create mighty Staks, with new Bots coming to join them at every turn.

You must guide your Stak of Bots to victory, by scrapping all other Bot Staks that stand against you, for they are clearly in the wrong. Learn what each of your Bots is capable of and how to command them.

Stak them wisely, choose your attacking Bots carefully, rely on your skills, trust to luck and maybe you will be able to defend what you and your Bots stand for.

Get to know your bots and they will serve you well!

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Tomstak's comments:


We recently released 'Stak Bots', a battling robot card game on iphone/pad/pod.
It's had a very good reception so far and got a lot of very good player reviews. If you fancy a look, head here to play it free: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/stak-bots/id664624486?mt=8

Stak Bots is a fun, quick and sneakily strategic card game! Decimate your opponent's vertical robot army using a fully controllable combination of instant effects and special abilities, interwoven with carefully timed attacks. Prepare for crazy chain reactions and a smug grin as your opponent's plans fall to pieces! The last Bots standing win!

There's a full review here: http://ipadboardgames.org/2013/stak-bots/

A few choice app store reviews

"A very well thought out, strategic game that will draw you in for hours."

"I have been looking for a decent turn based game for ages. Stak bots is exactly that, good fun and very clever. Not ruined by IAP. Awesome."

"Brilliant new game, completely different to other games on the App Store. Very addictive gameplay, easy to play and games quick to pick up, but it soon becomes apparent that there is a lot of strategy on how to use different bots. A must try for anyone who enjoys a thinking, turn taking, card game."

If you would like to know anything more, please get in touch!
11-13-2013, 06:36 AM
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Oh, and there's an overview video here:

11-20-2013, 08:42 AM

Hey, i'm really enjoying playing this game but a lot of time i'm somewhere with no wifi signal, is there an offline version or something so that i can play the games when not hooked up to the internet? Other than that i think its great and can't wait to see some future updates hopefully!
11-21-2013, 04:40 AM
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Glad you're enjoying it!
You can still do pass and play offline, or take on the Practice Bot! The offline mode is something we're going to beef up in a future update

Alternatively, you could get a set of the printed cards! (www.stakbots.com) They are 100% guaranteed to work offline.