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App description: BeFooled is a multiplayer puzzle game that forces opponents to outlast each other. BeFooled is based on a color matching puzzle that gets harder each round. Use items and intelligence to set your opponent for a fail!

-=+ Featured in Strategy in over 150 countries +=-

Dont just beat your opponent's high score, beat your opponent!

The winner of the game gets to keep game tokens thats been accumulating throughout the game. Use earned tokens to purchase items that can give you an edge for the next opponent.

Features :
- 8 different items, in-app purchases will purchase multiple items not just 1.
- 2 game play modes. Play against the computer or your friends!
- In-Game achievements. Each achievements adds to your personal bonus that you do not share with your opponent.
- Leader boards, so you can see who is the best!
- Challenge Links - you can send out to your friends to invite them to play you.

- Tip : Moves are broadcasted through game center.

beFooledDev's comments:
BeFooled - a multiplayer matching game is out today.

- Dont just beat your friend's highscore, beat your friend!

I personally thought matching games were dull, I thought playing against people would make it more exciting, and I think people agreed with me.

Featured over 130 countries in the #1 spot for strategy, and top 5 for arcade.

I would love to know what you guys think :

Trailer :

Thanks for your time,
Tom J.
11-15-2013, 09:09 PM
Joined: Nov 2013
Posts: 6
Any brave souls want to try this free game?
11-16-2013, 02:24 AM
Any impressed?
11-16-2013, 07:18 PM
Joined: Nov 2013
Posts: 6
Troll response

Well maybe not impressed by my salesmanship but maybe my game? Last time I had a game on here someone was nice enough to offer tips(and that was a paid game).

I can tell that gamers on these forums may like something more action packed. But color matching game(s) do hold a top 20 positions within strategy category so someone might be curious, like I may not be impressed by video poker game but if it's free I might check it out if someone asks for an opinion.

Tom J.