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App description: It's like an one hand pinball game but in an infinite random-generated trail. Tap your pinball to bounce it up. Make it hit stuff and get score. It sounds simple but it IS NOT. In this moment, there are only 4 stages but i will add more in the future, so just wait and see (but download first).

1.Beginner Stage
It's filled with basic pinball element. keep your ball on stage, hit thing get score. That's it.

2.Beginner Stage Touchable
There are something probably hard to know in the first try. When you see a whole bar blocking your way. You are supposed to drag it. And when your ball rolls into a hole, you can let it stay there to get score, but you have to tap the screen to bounce it out because it has 1 second delay time.

3.Airforce Logistics
This one is way more complicated. To get more score, you have to build your air fighters to earn score for you by completing ,and give repairing or shoot missiles to help them. You will feel what's happening after several rounds.

4. Deathtrap
Randomly tapping the screen may save your balls for a while, but definitely not in this stage. Watch out the new exclusive elements, it may kill your balls instantly. To balance this horror, I gave you multi-balls.

Bronxsta's comments:

Youtube link | Pop Up

Youtube link | Pop Up

What's next?

I'm going to use OpenKit for leaderboard but it won't be in next version because I am still tuning the difficulty. If You want your name display in the first row of the world leaderboard, Practise.

MULTI-BALL!!!!!! I have revised the system so the game can support multi balls. But this feature won't be in next version either (sorry). I am still thinking if it should be a special tool or trigger by the objects on scene.

This is the main feature in next version ... LEVEL SYSTEM. It's simple. The longer you play, the harder it is. You thought you got used to it and able to keep scoring forever without dying? Ha Ha! No way! There will be 6 levels (Lv0 to Lv5). It levels up after minutes and refresh the level when you lose. I think it will be more challenging, isn't it?
11-16-2013, 09:06 PM
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This would be an insta-buy if there was Game Center, may buy it anyway..