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Heroes, Inc. The Game Promo Codes To be given away

11-17-2013, 01:29 AM
Heroes, Inc. The Game Promo Codes To be given away

Promo codes available for anyone who comments here and shows us some love by promising to spread the word of Heroes, Inc.

Side scrolling action packed endless gameplay style, staring an all new super hero team known to the world as "Heroes, Inc.".

Heroes, Inc. is the latest title from RunAway Studios. It is a super hero action game in the endless runner category. The players get to be one of the four superheroes from the Heroes, Inc. team chasing Killcide who is the super villain.

Players start the game as HexClast, running flying and tackling obstacles in their chase to catch Killcide and get the Genesis Crystal back. They chase other characters as they progress in the game. The difficulty increases gradually but they also get super power-ups throughout the chase to stay on course.

Available on google play store:

Available on the amazon app store:

Available on iOS app store:

20 iOS download codes to be given away here!
11-17-2013, 01:31 AM
I'm Interested!

11-17-2013, 01:40 AM
Heroes are coming
I am in!
11-17-2013, 01:42 AM
i am in tooo!!
11-17-2013, 01:55 AM
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im in too!
11-17-2013, 01:59 AM
Twitted and shared on Fb as MinhUno. Hope your game is fun
11-17-2013, 02:04 AM
I like this type.
11-17-2013, 02:11 AM
Give a code, I want to try.
11-17-2013, 02:17 AM
I like it style.
Hope to get one
11-17-2013, 02:17 AM
Promo Code For Heroes Inc

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