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iPhone: Little Match Battles now available!

11-17-2013, 12:32 PM
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Little Match Battles now available!

This is the developer posting.

Little Match Battles is now available for download from the iTune store!

Totally free, with IAP. IAP are NOT necessary to finish the game, play the whole thing for free if you want.

This is a universal app- and like nothing you have ever seen.

The concept is simple: a match three battle for territory. Each battlefield has a different layout of terrain, and your warriors are arranged on the battlefield.

You are allowed to cheat in the game- press the trumpet, and you can make warriors swap without any match whatsoever. (your enemy knows this trick as well)

Swipe to move a warrior from one position to another- if you form a match, your warriors attack! If they don't, they slide back (unless you used a trumpet) In the "take anything by anyone" battlefield spaces, an attack takes the position.

Thus, the first levels are essentially a race to attack more positions, and faster, than your opponent. When you match 4 or 5 pieces in a row, a coin is generated, which can be used to purchase upgrades to your units, your powers, and open up new levels.

There are five opponents that you play against, each with strengths and weaknesses. Cairbre is the "boss" player, and is tough, and appears on the large castles. He is beatable even if you are not great at match three if you are lucky.

The other players are of varying strengths, and it would be great to get feedback on how difficult you feel it is. (Are the enemies a bit too hard, or too easy? Should they be adjustable in difficulty?). Looking forwards to your feedback.

At this time, you get three lives to start, and as you lose battles, you lose lives. However, the lives regenerate, so you can come back any time to resume your quest to free the once-free lands. If you think this is too few lives, please comment!

Notice that your units come in from the side in an iPod touch or iPhone in the Large Campaign mode. The reason for this is that the battlefields are more balanced and funner to play with the "sides" further apart. As you play through the levels, you reach more advanced stages which are more strategic.

The more strategic levels have start positions. These start positions are the only places which can be attacked from. For example, if you make a match in the middle of the board, you will not take the territory, unless you already own the territory adjacent to it. If you make a match next to the start positions, you will take it. As your territory expands, more and more options are available to successfully make attacks. Note you should use the trumpet in the first attack locations to make sure you get an early start and are not flailing around in the center of the board.

In the options menu, you can change the battlefield view to the two board small view and see your opponent making moves. Note, a lot of art effort went into the enemy warriors- please take a look at them! (If you don't go into the two board view, you will not see them). This view is more geared towards the iPad user as it is fairly small on the iPod touch and iPhone.
11-17-2013, 12:37 PM
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Can't find the game in the appstore, you got a link?
11-17-2013, 12:44 PM
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Here is the link to Little Match Battles