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iPhone companion

11-19-2013, 07:01 PM
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iPhone companion

I hate to do this but I've tried, and I really can't make a decision. I am going to get a tablet for Christmas, but which one to go for I don't know.

7-8 inch is my preferred size, and basically I want either an ipad mini retina, or one of the new windows tablets, such as dell venue 8 pro, miix 2 , iconia w4 etc etc

Android I'm not sure, if there's a superior nexus 7 equivalent I don't know about then I'd consider it for sure..

I want to be able to be productive, with office suite, primarily word/excell equivalents. And I'd like to do some coding if possible, html5/JavaScript/CSS..

If this is perfectly possible on an ipad then my decision is easy, but I'm a virgin tablet owner so don't know much about the productivity of them..