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App description: Welcome to Sky Hawks, the retro, arcade dogfight shooter where you blast your way to fame and glory!

Survive waves and waves of pixelated baddies as you blow them out of the sky, gaining points and in-game credits to eventually spend on newer and better equipment.

Use your newly acquired cash to purchase better, more resilient planes, more deadly guns, and tactical upgrades that will allow you to survive even longer.

Show off your impressive scores with GameCenter integration, allowing for global, online leader boards.

What to expect:
Fly around a simplistic, yet beautiful retro, 2D world, engaging enemies such as planes, battleships, submarines and more!

Enjoy realistic interactions with the world

Upgradable equipment: Buy new planes, guns and upgrades to really pound your enemies to a pixelated pulp.

Local and global leader boards utilizing GameCenter.

Still actively in development so submit ideas you would like to see in the game!

How long can you survive? Will you be able to drive back the encroaching enemy forces? Blast, smash, and explode your way to victory in Sky Hawks.

Bronxsta's comments:

Yes, yet another overlooked hidden gem. I'll have impressions soon
11-20-2013, 08:19 PM
Joined: Mar 2012
Location: South Australia
Posts: 217
GREAT little game. Excellent controls and very enjoyable.

However, I have purchased 2 bullet upgrades (heavy and spearhead), but I can't equip them! I don't know if there is some condition that needs to be fulfilled first, or if it is a bug. It seems I can only equip the basic bullet at this stage.

(For anyone reading, this is about in-game purchases, not in-app purchases. I haven't found any trace of IAP).