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App description: Dumpster Dive! is a game about pizza, punks, trash, and tapes. The object of the game is simple: collect as much pizza as possible while avoiding trash and broken bottles on your descent into a procedurally-generated bottomless dumpster.

It's grime time for your reflexes!

::::::: - FEATURES - :::::::

test your diving prowess in a variety of dumpsters, each with their individual perks and pitfalls

compete against fellow scavangers and prove your dumpster spelunking abilities

featuring great DIY bands and musicians such as: Atrocitus, Baker Acted, Brainstorm (FL), Chicken & Whiskey, Cornelius White, Dead Beach, Deserter, Gorgeous, Murmurs, Webcam Teens, and Witchfiger!

from mohawks to devilocks, ratty tanks to studded vests, and a variety of outrageous colors to boot, make your pixel punk however you choose!

MONTHLY UPDATES with additional content such as dumpsters, music tracks, special characters, and more!

NO ADS or iAPs: pay once for the complete game!

and PIXEL ART because why not!

::::::: - GAMEPLAY - :::::::

ENDLESS and RANDOM level generation means never making the same dive twice

Collect PIZZA, BURGERS, and CORNDOGS to pick up speed and points on your descent through the smelly depths!

Avoid TRASH, BOTTLES, and other nasty things or your dive will be cut short!

Find old cassette TAPES to unlock more tracks from featured artists!

PAINT TUBES are scattered about, grab one and change your hair color!

Collect STARS to open up more DUMPSTERS for looting and exploration!

::::::: - MONTHLY CONTENT - :::::::

::::::::::::: - DEC 2013 - ::::::::::::::

::: - NEW MISSIONS - :::
Earn stars by completing unique missions for each dumpster!

Ever wondered how deep you were diving? Well now you'll know just how far down the stink pit you went! With this new tracking also comes NEW LEADERBOARDS and ACHIEVEMENTS related to depth!

More variety has been added to MELBA, NUNYA, and UPDOG. Also added are new obstacle and pickup patterns.


enjoy your dive!
11-20-2013, 07:34 AM
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This had me at "No Ads or IAPs"

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Lol Bert on a high