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App description: Epic Warrior: The Sword of Light is a tale of a young warrior that sets out to find the Sword of Light and vanquish the evil that has poisoned the land.

You, like our hero, will experience first hand what it feels like to enter the unknown. You will encounter and fight over 40 monsters, that will use weapons and numerous spells in their attempt to destroy you.

Game Play:
Epic Warrior: The Sword of Light is a traditional turn based RPG that will allow your character to grow by fighting monsters to gain gold and experience points. Experience points allows your character to level up, which will increases your hit points, magic points, strength, agility, attack and defence.

Talking to the local villagers is vital to figuring out the location of the Sword of Light as well as other secrets that have been passed around as legend.

Buying items will aid you in surviving the dangers that you will encounter.

Sleep! Sleeping at Inns will revive your hit points and magic points, as well as save your game.

Buying weapons, armor and shields will increase you characters attack and defense against the deadliest monsters.

Use magic! As you level up you will learn new offensive, defensive, healing spells and more.

Below is a list of all the monster that you will encounter on your quest!

Killer Bee
Dark Toad
Dark Mage
Shadow Warrior
Binding Eye
Black Jacket
Mad Toad
Rabid Warg
Red Death Cobra
Magic Eye
Dark Wizard
Shadow Guard
Golden Warg
Skull Blob
Gold Blob
Skeleton Warrior
Skull Dragon
Demon Cobra
Grim Reaper
Rogue Doppelganger
Blood Eye
Shadow Champion
Rogue Cyclops
Dark Sorcerer
Rogue Hydra
Warrior Cyclops
Dark Hydra
Black Dragon
Dark Lord Erebus
11-21-2013, 01:16 AM
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Checking it out. Kinda hate the button overlay messing with dialogs

Edit: too old school for me. UI is glitchy and interaction is archaic. You can bring up a menu at any time on the field and it lets you talk/search/open but is placed right beside status/item/spell. Items in shops do not have descriptions. Battles are turn based with only the enemy visible on screen. The battle log scrolls too fast but you can't scroll through it. "Thy HP has decreased by 2!"

IAP: phoenix downs and gold

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