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Aqua Globs - adorably addictive

08-05-2009, 01:06 AM
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Aqua Globs - adorably addictive

Have you ever played the game Minefield where you have place flags to mark mines and figure out where it was safe to click next? Did you ever spend hours just playing it over and over trying in vain to beat your high score? Aqua Globs is kind of like that. It is one of games that is so infuratingly simple to play that you find yourself pressing YES when it asks you if you want to play again because you're so sure that you would have done better if only you had seen that one glob.

The idea behind the game is simple; join like-colored globs together while keeping differently colored globs from touching. Globs are these really adorable looking one-eyed monsters that come in a number of colors.

After the game loads, you have the choice of muting the music, sound, effects, or all sounds. You can also listen to your own music if you want. Next is the Main Menu. From there you can access a number of different selections: Goals are 12 earnable achievements, Tutorial offers a walkthrough explanation of how to play the game, and Stats shows several fun statistics.

Global high scores are also included in the game; unfortunately, to view them the game must close and a web page in Safari is opened. Thankfully for iPod Touch owners, you can manually choose when to upload your scores so you can wait until you have Internet access. Score uploading requires you supply a nickname. You also have the option of entering an email address; however, it is not required.

The graphics are pretty simple but look very cute and polished. Aqua Globs has soothing lighthearted background music that is a great fit with the cute theme of the game, and helps calm your frustration as you become convinced that "just one more time and you'll beat your score". The sound effects are also good including the litte "awww" when orange and blue globs collide.

Aqua Globs is super easy to play. There are three kinds of globs: orange, blue, and green. You cannot allow orange and blue globs to encounter one another or you will lose one of your three lives. Green globs are like type O blood, they can be joined with either blue or orange globs with no problems.

Globs enter the screen from the edges. A little warning symbol appears that shows the color of the incoming glob several seconds before it actually arrives. It is advised you really keep an eye out for these markers since you'll want to keep oppositely colored globs away from an incoming glob.

Gameplay works like this. All of the globs that enter into play are size small. Join two of like colored globs to make a big glob. Join two big globs and they will disappear and you get points and some temporary screen space.

To join globs, you just have to draw a line between two identical globs. They will immediately alter course and follow your line to meet in the middle. If you need to redirect a single glob, just draw a line away from the glob and it will follow the path you've drawn. The only way to get rid of globs once they've entered the screen is to keep matching them up until you can make the pairs disappear. One thing that is really helpful is that you can actually connect a glob on screen to another glob's warning marker. This really helps you out in making matches more quickly.

If a red halo appears around two globs and you hear an alarm chime, that means they are too close! Separate them quickly so you don't lose a life.

-amazingly simple gameplay
-well designed tutorial
-achievements, local and global scores
-fun, polished graphics, music, and sounds
-game can pause and saves its state/resumes if interrupted

-you must leave the game to view the high score table
-cannot flip the game orientation

Aqua Globs is an addictively adorable, easy to play game. It definitely had me wanting to "just try one more time" to beat my last score. The graphics are just simply cute and polish shows throughout the game from the menus to the gameplay. It is really fun with a good mix of challenge.

Definitely recommended especially at 99 cents.

Aqua Globs in iTunes - 99 cents