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iPhone: Sub Hunt - Launch Price 0.99$

08-05-2009, 04:33 AM
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Sub Hunt - Launch Price 0.99$

Launch Sale Price!
Sub Hunt brings arcade style action to the iPhone in a way that no other game has. Sub Hunt places you in control of an advanced prototype submarine as you battle your way through scores of enemies. Depth charges, mines, torpedoes and bombs are just a small subset of what the enemy will relentlessly throw at you.

- An impressive 18 upgrades that can be purchased as you level up your character.
- Save your game to carry your upgrades all the way through the 3 difficulty levels which can be unlocked.
- Difficulty progression allows challenges for beginners and experts alike.
- A host of enemies including submarines, airplanes, battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers and many more.
- Earn a rating for skilled play to compete with your friends.
- 12 power-ups including the mine launcher, aqua cannon, chrono device, tri-shot and absorption, to name a few.
- 6 special encounters to challenge your skills.
- A large selection of music to entertain you while you play.
08-05-2009, 08:56 AM
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Sub Hunt Help

Sub Hunt is played using to control pads. One controls movement and the other controls weapons.

Sub Hunt weapons are divided into the following categories:

* Primary weapon (Fires up and right)
* Defensive weapon (Repair and Repulsor)
* Offensive weapon (Sea Shocker and Surface Decimator)
* Upgrade Primary weapons

* Replace primary weapon
* Have limited ammo
* Revert back to torpedo launcher when used up

When you pickup a weapon of one category it replaces the current weapon (if you have one) in that category. The categories are color coded to help you out.

Sub Hunt is fairly intuitive. Avoid damage from being rammed or bumping into mines, depth charges etc. When you make a kill you earn honor. When your honor gets high enough you will be able to buy a new upgrade from the tech screen. Each tech had a description when you touch it that explains its effect. Even if you lose a mission you still keep the honor you earned.

Need more help? Below is a list of all of the tips of the day from the game:

1. You can hold down a fire button to keep firing over and over.
On regular levels, you do not have to kill every enemy. Look at the mission bar to see how many you need.
2. If you are having trouble clearing a level don’t worry, your honor is being saved and you will be able to buy upgrades to make it easier.
3. When a sub is coming at you from behind, use your speed to your advantage.
4. Wait for it to get close, and then climb or dive straight up or down. He will not be able to keep up.
5. There are three difficulty levels. All your upgrades carry over to help you, but all the enemies are stronger.
6. Protection prevents 100% of incoming damage and will heal you for 20% of that if you have passive mastery.
7. Your main weapon can be changed out with various weapons you get from crates. Those weapons have a time limit and you will get your normal weapon back when they expire.
8. Repulsor has two charges instead of one. Don’t forget to use it twice.
9. You can use offensive special weapons to bring down planes.
10. Carriers will launch planes forever. Make sure to destroy them quickly.
11. There are three types of depth charges. On higher difficulties the stronger ones occur more frequently.
12. With special weapon mastery tri shot becomes quint shot (5).
13. Super depth charges have a flashing touch symbol around them. Touch them quickly before they explode!
14. Boats in the back row are worth more points.
15. Omni bomb will begin transfering enemy armor to you if you have passive mastery
16. Dingies always drop a crate.
17. With passive mastery, absorption reflects damage back at the target.
18. You can stop tips from showing in the options menu.
19. When you ram a sub, a portion of its health is dealt to you in damage. Absorption, protection and maneuvers will not help against ram damage.
20. The only weapon that can hit enemies behind you is the sea shocker. Unless you count repulsing a torpedo backwards…
21. With special weapon mastery, chrono device allows you to perform everything twice as fast.
22. Touching your sub emits a sonar ping which can detect stealthed enemies. Use this if you think you spot a stealth effect.
23. Special weapons with the same color background replace each other. Make sure you want one before you get it.
24. Torpedo splash damage decays over distance. The same is true for chain explosion splash damage
25. With passive mastery repair provides a brief period of protection.
26. Once you are comfortable with the game, switch to advanced mode. The controls get smaller but you can see more of the screen. Also, enemy names will stop showing to reduce clutter.
27. Your rating is related to your number of failures vs number of levels passed.
28. Your 2 torpedo launchers are on separate cooldowns. You can fire both at the same time. Using only one means your doing half damage!
29. If you are having trouble with a end-level encounter, try storing up one of each special when you get close to the end of the boat waves.

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