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Furry Squash-sharing question

11-24-2013, 03:37 PM
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Furry Squash-sharing question

Hello. I'm here to ask...
I've created a game and i wish to share it, but i read in the rules that it's called spam and it's forbidden.
This forum talks about smartphones games but i'm the developer, i can't talk of it. Or i can and i've misreaded it? I'm confused and i don't wan't to disobey the rules.

I'm not giving any link 'cuz i don't feel free to do it.
Can someone explain me how i'm supposed to share my app here and have feedback :3? It's my first app so i need feedback to improve myself.

Thanks for you'r answers. ><

ps: ..hemm... sorry for my bad english.
11-24-2013, 03:44 PM
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You are welcome to make a thread for your game in the iPhone and iPod touch forum (or the iPad one, of course) - developers are very welcome on TouchArcade.
Developers talking to players and players talking to developers is the best part of the community here.

Out of curiosity - what part of the rules made you think your thread would be considered spam?

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11-24-2013, 04:04 PM
Joined: Nov 2013
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Sure, here :3
Self promotion is strictly prohibited.
i've also readed this: Developers are welcome to post app announcements, but please identify yourself as the developer.

and other lines, but those few words have scared me. XD
Maibe i'm just too shy. I don't like to spam myself if it's not welcome and probably i've misreaded the meaning of that rule.

Sorry XD

I'll prepare a nice post without errors, then. :3 You can close this topic if you wish.