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Releasing an iPhone only game

11-27-2013, 05:43 AM
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Releasing an iPhone only game

Hi there,

I am about release a shmup game that is currently iPhone only, rather than universal (or even an separate iPad version). My plan is to either perhaps update this or create an iPad version if there is sufficient complaints/reviews/feedback about this.

Quick question - do you think this a mistake and that i'll be doing my game no favours from the start?

What do you think?

11-27-2013, 05:53 AM
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From a buyers pov, I'll try to get universal or hd versions of apps wherever possible as I don't have an I phone, it's very rare that I'll buy an iPhone version, if I see a game that I like and it's iPhone only I'll think to myself that I'll check back in future to see if it's universal but more often than not I forget about it.
11-27-2013, 12:08 PM
Well for us we do not release an iPad version on day 1. If you have the development time and resources to put in and the extension of the development time will not hurt you then why not go ahead and release for the iPad as well.

We generally wait for the download numbers to pick up before releasing and iPad version.

With iOS 7 the app runs with very small borders on the iPad. The quality of the app on the iPad is greatly improved because of this. iOS 7 renders the iPhone retina textures onto the iPad screen unlike before where the iPhone version was simply scaled twice.
11-28-2013, 03:07 AM
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For some games Iphone and Ipad version have to be different, we are doing a fairly simple puzzle game yet we have camera control on iPhone that takes a lot of effort to make right while ipad requires nothing like that for us, as a designer I also feel that some games would work as concepts much better on one device type and not so well on another so it may be totally ok to release iphoen first.
11-28-2013, 04:43 AM
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Thanks for the input guys.

So far, i've normally gone for the universal app approach but somehow this time round, i've decided to try it iPhone only to see if anyone complains about a lack of universal/ipad support!

I suspect i'll probably do the ipad graphics later on - but only if download numbers are decent - either as an app update or as a separate "hd version" app.