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App description: "Cartoonish graphics, simple and intuitive game play, free-to-play, OMG: TD has it all" -Kotaku.com
"This is such a cool game I can't stop playing!"
"Great visual style, witty descriptions, fun to play, easy to dive into."
"Very fun gameplay and a great sense of humor."

Play the action-packed defense game where you command the Greek gods themselves! Blast hordes of monsters with elemental magic, call legendary heroes to your aid, and summon your gods to wreak havoc across the battlefield!

OMG: TD! is an ever-expanding universe of danger and ridiculousness. Unlock and level up the most powerful gods from Greek legend, and imbue them with special powers. Explore 46 thrilling levels set in 5 different worlds. Push your tactical skills to the very limit by playing the game in challenge mode. Battle the terrible Titans and their armies and see who comes out on top!

- Blast monsters with LIGHTNING, FIRE, WATER, ICE and WIND with a single SWIPE
- Unlock and upgrade unique skills for each of 13 Gods, from Poseidons Sushi Buffet to Aress Party Crasher and Hephaestus's Cluster Bomb!
- Over 50 different monsters, from Horse Fishes to Harpies and Satyrs, each with their own skills!
- Find and use Exploding Sheep, Automatons, Pits of Despair and Spinning Saws
- Turn the tides of battle with amazing power-ups like the FIST OF GOD and the Heros GOD MODE
- Defeat LEGENDARY BOSS MONSTERS from Greek myth!

Have any problems or suggestions? You can reach us at gpsupport@yodo1.com!

Please note that OMG: TD! supports iPhone 4 and higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPod touch v4 and higher. Thanks!
11-29-2013, 03:48 PM
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Ih cool it released. Time to try it

Classic TD where the Greek gods are towers while the demis and the rest are heroes that move around the field and have their own specials. Each stage's challenge mode is unlocked after getting 3 stars on its normal mode.

Freemium all the way. Heroes need energy (timer I think, haven't played enough) but you can still do without them. You can probably beat the game without any of the premium features and you can just farm souls (currency) if you want hats that give bonus stats to heroes. Hercules is the only hero for free with 3 others costing 2, 4 and 5 dollars. The gods are merely unlocked through play.

It's entirely playable but I'm sticking to premium TDs.

Edit2: 850MB installed!

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11-30-2013, 05:26 PM
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OMG, this is so big. Decent, but not worth the disk space.
12-02-2013, 04:58 PM
Are IAPs needed? I don't mind paying what I would for a regular TD game in the form of IAPs but if it requires constant top ups of powers or money then I'll pass, anyone have info?
12-02-2013, 05:37 PM
Like others mentioned not sure why the huge need for disk space. Good game but I'd stick to my kingdom rush.