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App description: What if a little mobile game tried to Save The Seas?

Save The Seas is an addictive action arcade game, but not only: its also an machine that spreads awareness about the oceans and their troubles.

Like in the old action arcade classics, SaveTheSeas is all about simple intuitive mechanics that build progressively to great complexity and challenge in skill.
-Intuitive swipe controls
-collect all shells to finish a level
-use those shells to buy temporary power ups to help you. Combine them and create your own favourite gameplay style.
-Learn many interesting facts about the oceans.
-No in app purchases. If you need extra coins, just share an ocean fact on Twitter, and help us spread the word.
Cause if all us think about the oceans, change will happen.

For any feedback, or ideas, or anything, please contact us at info@savetheseasgame.com. We are a small indie team, and all we really have is you!

savetheseasgame's comments:
Save The Seas is an addictive action arcade game, but further more, its an experiment on the way games, even small ones, can be used for something greater than just fun.

We are a small indie team, and all we really have is you!"

About Us

4 billion hours per week are spent by gamers competing online. But all this competitive passion and time is wasted on just entertainment. We created Save The Seas with a goal to change this, by funnelling the passion and time spent by the players towards creating some positive world change by allowing the player to think of something real while being immersed in an imaginary world.This art expression in the game has an inherent and unique way to make the player think and quite possibly be a catalyst to change, action and share ideas as gamers are the new problem solvers of the world.

Not just Fun Softworks and Antara Apps BV joined forces in Amsterdam creating a new and dynamic company that gives gamers a purpose and awareness with a goal of changing the world for the good. We started developing Save the Seas as an artistic expression of a real world problem (the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico), designed to create awareness of environmental problems through gameplay.
12-04-2013, 06:52 AM
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This looks pretty fun. (AND it has a message )