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Mix It Up! : An amazing liquid based puzzler

12-05-2013, 06:22 PM
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Mix It Up! : An amazing liquid based physics puzzler

Update : Blog Post here : Blog Post
Update : Gameplay video here: Gameplay Video

The game is now out! You can grab it here: Appstore Link

I am pleased to announce Mix It Up! This is an amazing liquid physics based puzzler. The game is set for release on December 12. Thanks, hope you like it.

Amazing liquid physics-based game!

Fill underground desert basins by maneuvering colored water through abandoned mine shafts.
Players must fill the lower ponds by carefully collapsing water filled pits, deliberately sending colored water in the correct location and direction, through tunnels and mazes. Slice precise cuts through hinged wooden planks, manipulating the correct amount and color of water, to reach a perfect balance in each pond.
Each level becomes more challenging as the player has to overcome intricate tunnels of wind, wooden planks, rock, pistons, and more!


•Amazing Liquid Physics
•Slicing Action
•Colored Water Mixing Fun
•And More!

How to Play:

Play the game by swiping your finger across wood pieces to slice them. Work your way through the level by slicing the wood so that the water mixes into the color shown by the dashed line on the pond. To win the level, spill the correctly colored water into the pond. Fill the ponds above the dashed line to get up to 3 stars.

Screenshots :

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12-05-2013, 11:38 PM
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Promo Code Reward

So seeing as no one has posted yet, I will offer an incentive. Comment about what you think of the game (only constructive comments) and I will randomly pick 10 people when the game is released and give each of them a promo code for the game. How does that sound?

12-06-2013, 12:28 AM
Would have commented earlier if I had seen this. Seems reminiscent of Where's My Water, but I like the simpler/cleaner style here.

20 levels seems kind of light. Do you have plan for post-launch support?

Either way, I enjoy fluid-based physics puzzlers (Puddle and PixelJunk Shooter are some of my favorite indies on PC) so I'll definitely check this out when it releases

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12-06-2013, 12:42 AM
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The game looks like where's my water at glance but this one using different color liquid based. I ever played the similar game like this, forgot the name. Wondering, what's the difference with this one..

Do you have any gameplay video?

Game Center ID: copaeci
12-06-2013, 12:43 AM
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Thanks Bronxsta, and yes, I do plan on adding more levels after the game is released.
12-06-2013, 12:44 AM
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Hi copaeci, I will be making a gameplay video shortly.
12-06-2013, 09:23 AM
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Anyone else?
12-06-2013, 09:26 AM
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I absolutely love fluid physics on the iPad.
Some of my favourite games involving it are-
Liquidsketch, briquid, puddle, sploosh, puddle puzzles, and where's my water.
I've been saying for a while now, fluid puzzlers are the next physics puzzlers.
Something about fluid physics on iPad is so mesmerising.
Will be checking out your game next week for sure.

As for constructive feedback.. Hmm
The game already looks pretty awesome, but if I had to suggest something I might say the liquid could be a bit more liquidish... Perhaps more transparent.. It really makes a difference.. The more realistic, the better is feels.. Check out the games I listed above and see how they coloured water for some ideas maybe...
At the moment your liquid looks more thick, and kind of blobish, rather than fluid and watery.. Perhaps that's the look you're going for though, since it's more like paint.. Liquidsketch also contains mixing colours and fluid physics.. You should check it out for reference.

Another way to make water look more realistic is to change the background to something very geometrical.. Like straight lines, that way it distorts when the water is flowing over top of it, making it look very fluidy and mesmerising.
(Check out puddle puzzles for an example of this, there's a lite version)
Goodluck and congrats on your completion!

Waiting on: Tengami, Heroki, Gelato mania 2, Feed me oil 2, Cut the rope 2

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12-06-2013, 04:48 PM
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Hi tannorexic. Thanks for your comment. It's interesting that you say this because this game already does bend the background, you can mix colors, and the fluid is pretty smooth. Thanks for pointing that out though, I think I could do better to show it. I think it will be easy to see when the gameplay video comes out. Also, I experimented with more transparent liquid, but it made it so that the liquid colors weren't as vibrant. Although that might be something I want to reconsider if you are saying that you think it would look more releastic.
12-07-2013, 12:02 PM
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Doesn't anyone want promo codes?