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App description: Tower Type Strategy Defense RPG Game - Challenge yourself for Epic Battle - So How long can you last?


After 800 Years of Battle with the Monsters, humanity's have reached a near-critical extinction stage. Every death is now treated like a million deaths - and WE cannot afford to lose another survivor. In ancient lands, a ruthless race of beasts awoke, causing havoc on the once peaceful land.

Human kind had no other choice -- they got everyone behind the wall of REON and a elite Defense force was formed with one simple purpose: TO DEFEND THE LAND FROM THE MONSTERS.
Become a Defender and a fighter - the world awaits your courage.

Join the Defense against the monster in REON -- Become the greatest Defender the world has ever seen and take down mighty beasts with the swipe of your sword. Go to battle and focus your army of REON - do you have what it takes to defend the Heart of the Seals?

Activate potions and use your finger to control the army - we will not perish and we will not lose this war. REON is our last hope, our last stand and our latest civilization - survive as long as you can, through harsh days and under the attack of the all-powerful Titan race.

Do you have what it takes to be the REON warrior this planet deserves?

- Exciting, 3D gameplay with realistic animations.
- Endless fun for only the bravest of warriors!
- Defeat the monsters and take back what is ours!
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Game Impressions

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Many thanks for the video!

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