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App description: Capture the enemy's castle!

Destroy everything around with the aid of an ingenious invention of the great scientist Da Vinci.
His gun is ready to bear the destruction!
But do not forget! There are prisoners who should free Au. And the treasures that will help you go to victory.

An exciting game in the genre crush castle. With many items.
More than 40 locations.

And a lot of many different ingenious charges for the gun!

Go ahead! Crush Castles!!!
12-14-2013, 02:11 PM
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Da Vinci Cannon 3. The game is made in the genre the Crush Castle.

The great scientist invented the contraption weapon capable of firing a variety of cannon bullets. You have to use this weapon.
Your country attacked by enemies and you are ready to help repel the attack.

Gun control is very simple. A slider on the panel placed the power of the shot. The slope of instruments regulated slider or rotating gears on the panel.
Simple calculations of power and trajectory and only one touch on the screen and the shell will fly to the target.

Huge map divided into areas with lots of levels does not make you bored.
Levels only at 1st glance seem complicated. Enough just to think and use cunning and easily pass rate.

You can help the various properties of the gun charges. For example, some shells set fire to wooden objects. There are arrows that will help you to hit the bottleneck.
Triple charges cause damage over a large area. Large charges of massive help to break the barriers. Disk with spikes - spinning smartly crawling on surfaces.
But the top of scientific thought - it's a shell pig-skunk. Causing damage to his stench on the huge square.

The game has amazing graphics. The smallest details are drawn as enemies and landscapes. Several zones are made in a different setting. There are several types of enemies.
The game has knights, pirates and barbarians. And every building their intricate locks.

The game does not make you bored and you will have fun destroying castles.