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App description: We are pleased to announce that Split! is now compatible with the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Generation upwards. Please try the Lite version to ensure Split! runs on your device!


Armed only with guns and lethal blades for close combat, Red and Blue have to work together against overwhelming odds to bust out of an ultra-high security prison complex.

Split locks and loads Tactical Strategy and cunning Puzzle Action in a simple interface that anyone can enjoy. You must swipe Red and Blue to cover and strategic positions to out-maneuver and defeat their adversaries.


Evolutionary touch-based Tactical Puzzle gameplay
Clean, colorful sprite graphics and hand painted backgrounds
EXCLUSIVE Dub Step soundtrack courtesy of Syko G, feel the WUB WUB!
Find the Bonus boxes and unlock ranks
New Campaigns with new gameplay and backgrounds coming soon
Available in both free and paid versions

"It's a shooter that doesn't let you shoot. A puzzle game without any blocks. It's Split! and it's surprisingly sharp"

"Split! leads iPhone Games of the Week. Splits an easy game to pick up and play, but it manages to be plenty challenging as well"

"It was hard to believe that this was the first title released by Malaysian indie developer Touchy Interactive, and the game shows the developer has a promising future."
~Gaming Bus

This is the first release from Touchy Interactive.

We want you to have a fulfilling moment whenever and wherever you are. Thats why we make games
that are fun, simple and easy to play.

If you have any level design ideas for SPLIT, you are more than welcome to share them with us and we
will build them for you. Just send your notes, drawings etc to: ben@touchyinteractive.com

Please send us your feedback too. Our efforts to improve the game depend on it!

Bronxsta's comments:

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12-09-2013, 04:45 PM
Joined: Oct 2012
Posts: 4,700
I was suprised to find that there was never a thread for this game. It's shame that the new campaigns will never come, I guess due to lack of attention. This is a great game, with the focus on tactical action puzzles.

You control a duo of escaped prisoners as you guide them through the maze like rooms of a high tech complex. While the game looks like another tactical action, it plays more like a puzzle game. You have to find the best route to guide your duo to safety, how to leapfrog and use one guy to distract enemy fire while the other moves behind cover to get a proper angle to fire. You have to consider reload times, cover, and angles. You get more points for faster times and melee kills so there is some flexibility in how you can proceed through the levels.

There are 30 levels to play. Controls are simple, drag a line from a person to make their path. For $0.99, I think it's a good game.