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Drei by etter. £1.99 now free

12-13-2013, 03:01 PM
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Drei by etter. £1.99 now free

12-13-2013, 05:23 PM
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No idea what this is. INSTADOWNLOAD.

12-13-2013, 07:49 PM
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Very recommended! Well, that's what I call something different. Never seen such a game before. Really spooky when in level #20 other avatars appear who are trying to help. Don't miss that, folks!

Drei is an award-winning game about logic, skill and collaboration.

( Winner of the Swiss Game Award 2013 )

The mission is simple. But once again, things get in the way... Explosives, thunderstorms, completely incompetent colleagues. Oh, and did we mention gravity?

• Play with people across the world
• Master 48 fantastic levels
• Speak in 18 different languages
• Beautifully animated characters
• Real-time physics and 3D rendering
• Beautiful sound design

Others say
"Gather round n gaze upon DREI, a new thingamajig for iPads from a clever team in switzerland." superbrothers™ @the1console

"A masterpiece!" Tale of Tales @taleoftales

"I can honestly say that – having taken Drei for a long spin over this past weekend – there’s nothing stopping me from highly recommending it to others. From the art style to Drei‘s gameplay mechanics, subtle but enchanting sound effects, and even its replayability, it’s definitely one game to check out." 148Apps.com

"Really enjoying Drei, a charming and challenging iPad physics game. It's fun, and very nicely made!" Vector Park ‏@Vectorpark

"And there’s a sense of joy as you all dance around your tower, creating chimes and musical noise in celebration." indiestatik.com

• Swiss Art Selection 2013
• MiniClip Award 2013
• FWA Mobile Award 2013
• Swiss Game Award 2013

Languages: Drei features an universal communication tool which allows to speak to other players, from wherever they are. Drei supports 18 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Rhaeto-Romanic, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss-German and Turkish.

Optimized: Drei plays beautifully on the iPad. From the beginning it was engineered and optimized for Apple's tablet, taking advantage of the intuitive touch controls, the pretty display, and the possibility to use the screen vertically.

Sound: One of the best thing about Drei is how it sounds. Each character has its very own instrument. And as the characters work together they form Drei's unique universal orchestra, creating their very own musical landscape, inspired by archaic instruments and ancient melodies. All instruments were performed and recorded live with some of Switzerland's finest musicians.

Swiss Design: Drei is designed to be as universal as possible. However, in a strange way it's also very Swiss, where it was made. Clean typography, minimalism with attention to detail. It's Swiss Design heritage, we can't deny it.

Technical Excellence: Even though it's not visible, it's the technical stuff too that makes this game special. Drei is the first real-time multiplayer iPad game with advanced physics and 3D rendering, as far as we know, taking mobile gaming to the next level.

Drei connects to the internet, if available. Charges may apply if this happens over mobile network.

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(Blog German-language; but you'll find all links, pics, and videos.)

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12-13-2013, 09:21 PM
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Looks very cool. Thanks for the heads up and info.
12-14-2013, 12:12 AM
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Ridiculously all over this. Thanks for the notice!
12-15-2013, 03:20 AM
Looks cool...iPad only ?
01-04-2014, 08:57 AM
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The most recent update, ver. 1.3.4, changes this game to a free-to-try model. You can now play the first 9 levels for free, then you have to purchase the rest. "Full Game Unlock" IAP shows as $2.99 for me.

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01-04-2014, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by dclose View Post
The most recent update, ver. 1.3.4, changes this game to a free-to-try model. You can now play the first 9 levels for free, then you have to purchase the rest. "Full Game Unlock" IAP shows as $2.99 for me.
So it's not a price drop, it's a price increase?


I could never give up.
01-04-2014, 10:41 AM
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So it's a rubber glove whooshing to the faces of those who bought it before the switch to free2try?

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01-04-2014, 10:46 AM
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So if you already have the full game and Install the update will you have to then pay to unlock them all? I'll not bother updating if this is the case.