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App description: "After several hours in this shadowy world, Im still ready for a few more rounds, even if these killer bots are about as cute as a bullet to the head. "
-Arcade Sushi

Jump into the roles of Gritch and Zitch to defend your nightmarish world from an onslaught of cute animal robots brought forth from the evil Dr.Whiskers. Slash your way through giant teddy bear robots, cute sparkplugs and candy gorillas! Can you scale the candy coated walls of Dr. Whisker's fortress to reclaim your world?

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wmrxpWbjmc

Gameplay Footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R92BvHe3bVI&feature=player_embedded&noredirect=1#t=0

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goodnightgames's comments:

We wanted to make a serious platforming game where you had two characters with different abilities. So Gritch is the big red guy he's got the stronger attack and can also double jump but is slow. Zitch is the smaller green guy whose faster and can attack at a distance but does less damage.

So between those we have a mix in the levels where you need to switch back and forth in real time and we wanted to give a pretty crazy dark but cute environment.

If you guys have any questions or suggestions please let me know!