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App description: In the world of chess there are millions of players,
Thousands of masters,
And dozens of grandmasters.
But there is only one Boss.
The ChessBoss.
Hes here to challenge you to a little game.
A game of chess, gangland style.
In the world of the ChessBoss you play to win. Always.
Because losers dont impress the boss.
And you dont want to disappoint the boss.
He plays to win. At any price. Including yours.
You think you know chess? Its time to prove it..to the Boss.
The ChessBoss.

BillSmith's comments:
Has anyone tried this Chess Boss game yet? Seems to be a pretty cool gangster/mafia spin on chess, but wanted to see if anyone has played it before buying it.. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and try it out, seems to have some good reviews.