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iPhone: BroadwayCafe

08-07-2009, 09:16 PM
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BroadwayCafe - $4.99

Broadway, where ambitions and dreams merge together. A place where the atmosphere alone seems alive!

Our stage is set in a cafe on Broadway.
The cafes here have to be roaring successes with ever-increasing sales to be able to survive.

Nonsensical rules and anarchic demands are the norm.
Our main character who is dreaming of a successful acting career, happens along to this cafe and lands a position.

--- The manager, Steve's welcome speech ---

"Hi, I'm Steve, the manager of this Cafe. Nice meeting you.
Here come all the tips that'll make you successful at this cafe.
Take mental notes!"

"First of all, our operations.
Take orders when the customers are ready. When the meals are ready,
deliver them to the correct table. Once they've finished, clean away the empty plates straight away.
Don't keep them waiting, we're on Broadway here ya know. Speed is of the essence.
Train your body so you can move like the cafe-ninja you will become.
You'll be responsible for handling the cash register and the kitchen later on."

"Troublesome customers.
We get a variety of customers here. Celebrities who easily blow up or fierce-looking gangs who are actually quite generous tippers. How do you keep them all happy? Serve them before they get irritated, that's it."

"Your crew.
The manager and Keiko (she's always pushy) are both great people.
Everybody has they're good and bad points. Your job is to help everyone out, you know, share the responsibilities."

"Next, management of this cafe.
Once it's on the right track, improve the cafe facilities.
Try changing the uniforms, interior or menu.
If you find you're waiting around for customers, add some more tables and try attracting more customers. If you continue to operate in the red, you'll surely go bankrupt!"

"Lastly, facebook connect.
To reach the higher cafe echelons, use facebook connect.
Use the cooperation of your friends to progress. This is what makes our Broadway cafe stand out.
You can hire your facebook friends as staff and have them work for you.
As well as managing your staff / friends, you can also receive bonus items to be used in-game.
Working with your friends makes your cafe life much more interesting.
What are you waiting for? Login!"

Hey, it's opening time!

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08-30-2009, 09:19 PM
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Thumbs down to this poor clone of Diner Dash.

The guests seat themselves, there is no chaining, no queuing, not much fun.

08-30-2009, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by sticktron View Post
Thumbs down to this poor clone of Diner Dash.

The guests seat themselves, there is no chaining, no queuing, not much fun.
Thats exactly what it is - I bought it and its just a cheap remake

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