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Collection games

01-01-2014, 12:05 PM
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Collection games

Hey everyone, I'm lookin for a list of the BEST collection games, games like Brave Frontier, or Spirit Stones. I really like when the battles involve some type of interaction and not just watching, like spirit stones has this whole match three concept and brave frontier, as basic as it is has a clicking on which units attack in which order you choose but also get to cast spells every once in a while. I know there are hundreds of these but I'm lookin for the ones where the graphics aren't super generic, has good battle animations, and also let's you play for a while before you run out of stamina and have to wait until it fills back up to play more, lol. I've already play the dungeons and dragons one, and the dragon age one as well, also there was one with the word dragon in the title that had a match three battle system, that I didn't really care for,stamina ran out too fast, graphics were generic and the battle animations were very plain, I'll look up the name and edit this post . Thanks In advance for any suggestions .

The game was called puzzle & dragons, haha.